A shoe 'Moonwalkers' that increases walking speed by 250% has appeared, and a review video that I actually tried walking is also being released

When walking from home to the nearest bus stop or station, or walking around a large theme park or commercial facility, there are probably many people who have thought, 'I wish I could walk a little faster.' Therefore, an American venture company called Shift Robotics has developed a shoe called ' Moonwalkers ' that increases walking speed.

Shift Moonwalkers | The World's Fastest Shoes – Shift Robotics


Shift Moonwalkers Launch-YouTube

Humans have developed various means of transportation, such as cars and airplanes, with the aim of moving faster and farther.

No matter how much the means of transportation develop, the basic means of transportation will remain 'walking'. However, there are many people who feel that walking is too slow.

Shift Robotics founder Xunjie Zhang spent five years researching ways to increase walking speed.

And what was developed is 'Moonwalkers' which is a shoe that increases walking speed.

Moonwalkers have multiple wheels like roller skates, and have a structure that wraps around the shoes with a band.

When the foot touches the ground, the wheels are electrically driven forward and the walking speed is increased by sliding. The top speed exceeds 10 km / h, and the walking speed increases by about 250% compared to when walking normally.

By turning off the acceleration mode, it is possible to climb the stairs while wearing it.

Moonwalkers has repeatedly improved the prototype for nine generations, walked in various places and confirmed the performance, so you can walk on grounds other than paved roads.

When entering a building or store, simply remove the band. Easy to remove.

Since charging is possible with a USB Type-C cable, you can easily charge it at a coffee shop or fast food restaurant.

A reporter from technology media WIRED actually visited Shift Robotics, and a review video of walking wearing Moonwalkers has also been released.

Testing Shoes That Make You Walk 250% Faster | WIRED-YouTube

A reporter man wears Moonwalkers and receives a lecture on how to use it. The operation is very simple, the acceleration mode is turned off by raising the heel of the right foot and hitting the ground, and the acceleration mode is turned on by raising the heel of the right foot and twisting inward. Acceleration mode is on if the blue LED light is glowing.

When I started walking, the reporter who was surprised at the feeling of acceleration when installing raised his voice, 'Oh my ger!'

I will practice walking with Mr. Zhang for a while. While commenting, 'It's a strange feeling!', it seems that he gradually got used to it.

When you get used to it, you can walk smoothly as if you were moonwalking.

It's convenient to be able to walk fast, but it's dangerous if you can't stop safely, so the reporter's man puts himself up and carries out a brake test. Walk briskly toward the wall, then turn off the acceleration mode and apply the brakes just before.

I managed to stop before hitting the wall. In our tests, we found that we could stop about 4 feet (about 120cm) from the wall.

Moonwalkers are equipped with software, and the two shoes communicate with each other to adjust acceleration.

Also, the wheels on the bottom are arranged vertically in two rows on the left and right.

As a result, it is possible to walk while sliding even on rough roads and unpaved roads where the pavement is cracked.

In fact, comparing the walking speed with and without Moonwalkers, you can see that it is necessary to trot to catch up with the movement speed when wearing it.

The reporter's man said that he felt that Moonwalkers was safer than he thought in advance, and that he liked the fact that it was easy to enter the backpack and charge. On the other hand, the weight is a little heavy at 4.2 pounds (about 1.9 kg), and the feeling of tightness of the band is also worrisome. He also said that the price of $ 1399.99 (about 184,000 yen) may be a bottleneck.

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