Sony's 'mocopi' photo review that can capture the movement of the whole body with ultra-compact & ultra-lightweight

Sony's mobile motion capture ' mocopi ' will appear on January 20, 2023. Originally, tracking the movement of the whole body required large-scale and expensive equipment, but mocopi is ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight, and by linking with a smartphone such as the iPhone, it can easily track the movement of the whole body anywhere and create a 3DCG model. It is said that you can move the avatar of. Since I had the opportunity to touch it one step ahead, I first took a closer look at it.

Mobile motion capture mocopi | Sony

Cosmetic box with the Sony logo

When you open the lid, a colorful inner box appears.

The installation method was easily shown with a pictogram on the back of the lid of the inner box.

The mocopi body is in the case.

When you open the lid of the case, it looks like this. There are 6 mocopi in all, 1 'HEAD', 2 'WRIST', 2 'ANKLE', 1 'HIP'.

The mocopi body is fixed to the main body with a strong magnet. There is a charging terminal on the back of the mocopi main unit, and it is charged by fixing it to the case.

There was a USB Type-C port for charging on the side of the case.

The diameter of the mocopi body is 3.2 cm. Below is a comparison of the sizes side by side with a 100 yen coin with a diameter of 22.6 mm.

The thickness is about 1.1cm.

Each weighed only 7g.

At the bottom of the inner box, there is a band for attaching mocopi.

This is a fixed band for HEAD. The band part is a rubber band that can be adjusted in length.

The base part that fixes mocopi looks like this.

There is also a magnet in the base of the band, so mocopi is firmly fixed.

The fixed band for WRIST / ANKLE wrapped around the wrist / ankle looks like this. It is a type that can be returned with a buckle and fixed with a hook-and-loop fastener to adjust the length.

The fixing device for HIP is a clip so that it can be fixed on clothes.

Mocopi is scheduled to appear on January 20, 2023, and the price is 49,500 yen including tax. Next time, we plan to publish an article that actually linked with a smartphone, so please look forward to it.

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