Due to Elon Musk's Twitter reform, changes are occurring all over the world such as 'decrease in political trends in Japan' and 'increase in hate speech in India'

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter,

a large number of employees have been laid off all over the world, including Japan, and it has been pointed out that there is a shortage of personnel in the moderation team that monitors content posted on Twitter. became. The Washington Post reports that the effects of a shortage of moderation teams are noticeable in non-English speaking countries such as Japan and India.

Twitter moderation cuts felt hardest outside the US, Canada - The Washington Post

Twitter is headquartered in the United States, but 75% of all Twitter users live outside the United States. However, according to the Washington Post, the mass dismissal carried out by Mr. Mask has caused a conspicuous shortage of moderators who can handle languages other than English and social situations other than the United States. In addition, an anonymous Twitter employee said, ``After Mr. Musk unfrozen tens of thousands of accounts, profiteers and political operatives seeking to attract attention saw an opportunity and responded to Twitter en masse. It rushed, ”he points out that the Twitter environment is changing due to Mr. Mask's bold reforms.

The Washington Post is undergoing major changes in countries such as Japan (approximately 59 million users), India (approximately 24 million users), and Brazil (approximately 20 million users), where the number of users is large and the main language is not English. It points out that it is happening and summarizes the changes in the Twitter environment confirmed in each country.

Declining political trends in Japan
According to the Washington Post, most of the personnel in the curation team, public relations team, trust and safety team, and legal team have been laid off in the Asian region, including Japan. In particular, the dismissal of the curator who selects trending topics in Japan has caused a major change in the content displayed in trends.

The image below shows the Twitter trend in Japan at the time of writing the article, and you can see that the top trends are lined with words related to games and entertainment. The Washington Post said, ``In Japan, a small curation team selected trending topics.This made Twitter a place to anonymously discuss political and cultural issues. 'However, without the curation team, Trends showed less political topics and more entertainment-related topics.' I'm here.

Increase in discriminatory posts in India
In India, before the mass dismissal by Mr. Mask, moderation measures such as `` preventing the spread of political misinformation '' and `` preventing the spread of hashtags that promote hatred of minorities '' functioned normally. But after mass layoffs, moderation went awry and misinformation and hateful remarks spread easily.

The Washington Post cites as an example of misinformation spread in India that 'Muslim men are seducing Hindu women and waging religious wars.'

The following tweet shows an invitation to a wedding between believers of different religions, and incites opposition to holding the wedding by linking the couple to the wedding and a 'murder in India'. . At the time of writing the article, the tweet had collected more than 10,000 likes, and it was said that a message was actually sent to the two asking them to refrain from the wedding ceremony. Ultimately, the wedding was called off. A former Twitter employee said, 'The tweet in question would have definitely been deleted before the mass layoffs.'

More posts inciting violence in Brazil
On January 8, 2023, there was an attack on the federal parliament and the presidential office in Brazil. Posts sharing the location of the attack increased on Twitter before and after the attack, and as a result of the moderation team malfunctioning due to mass dismissals by Mr. Musk, many of the posts inciting violence were not deleted and spread. It has been pointed out that

Posts claiming ``fraudulent elections'' on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. increased sharply before and after the Brazilian Capitol raid - GIGAZINE

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