Freedom chess 'AnalogChess' where pieces are not tied to squares

All-you-can-eat 'Analog Chess' that you want to put a piece on the line that separates the squares or get multiple pieces is released for free, so I actually accessed it with a browser and played it.

GitHub - ehulinsky/AnalogChess: Chess but no grid

In addition to the code being published on GitHub, AnalogChess can be played on the browser by clicking this URL .

When you access it, the following will be displayed, so click the red frame button. It takes about 15 seconds for the game screen to appear after clicking.

Next, switch to full screen display from the button in the red frame.

Now all white and black pieces are displayed. First, try clicking to move the white pawn.

The range in which your piece can move is displayed in green, and the range in which your opponent's piece can move is displayed in red.

The true value of 'Analog Chess' is that you can place pieces anywhere within the range you can move, such as on the boundary between squares as shown below. Once you have moved the piece to where it should be placed, click again or press the 'Enter' key to place the piece there. If you want to stop, you can cancel with the 'Esc' key.

The basic movement of the piece conforms to the

rules of chess, but for example, the knight piece, which has a unique movement that is described as 'moving like the letter Y of the alphabet spread in four directions', has a radius of 2 Some pieces show a lot of freedom of movement, such as being modified so that they can move anywhere on the square circle.

CPU players and online battles are not implemented, and there is no concept of turn, so you can move as many black and white pieces as you like.

If you place the pieces so that the pieces overlap, it is possible to take the opponent's pieces. Moreover, since it can be placed on the boundary of the square, it can be overlaid on multiple frames as shown below.

This made it possible to kill two pieces at once.

Complex rules such as checks and checkmates are not implemented for the compelling reason that 'it will destroy the last sanity I have'. Simply capture the opponent's king to win.

The GitHub page says 'WARNING: This code is crap. No matter how this code changes, don't expect it to be stable. Also, I have very few comments. I'm I major in electrical engineering and like to write shit code to piss off my computer science friends.'

In the thread of the social news site Hacker News that featured this code, ``Many people make fun of his code and version control ability, but it's interesting enough to steal the topic on Hacker News even if he doesn't master the tools. It's pretty cool to be able to code stuff.I hope others don't get hung up on code and tools and just focus on making great things like him.' rice field.

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