Headline news for January 18, 2023

The 5th series, which will be the final part of the anime ' Aggressive Retsuko ' series, which depicts the daily life of Retsuko, an office worker who sings death metal to vent her frustration with her boss, colleagues, and the world, will be distributed on Netflix on February 16, 2023 ( Thurs) will start. In this series, Retsuko is scouted by Igari, a man who claims to be a member of the Diet, who wants him to run for office. Is it an election campaign to be drawn ...?

'Aggressive Retsuko Season 5' Trailer-Netflix-YouTube

In addition, in order to liven up the distribution of the final season of 'Aggressive Retsuko', an event by Aggressive Retsuko and OTM Girls will be held at Sanrio Puroland.

The Netflix series is finally complete! 'Aggressive Retsuko' Season 5//Delivery on Thursday, February 16! Key visual & trailer released today! ! | Fanworks Co., Ltd.

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I actually made a `` Kagami mochi adapter '' that can instantly make cut rice cakes `` Kagami mochi '' with a 3D printer - GIGAZINE

Prohibition of virtual currency mining caused a dumping of mining equipment - GIGAZINE

What is the reason why the 'wireless LAN router' about 15 years ago is still being sold? -GIGAZINE

Experts explain whether ``fruits'' should be avoided on a diet that removes sugar and carbohydrates-GIGAZINE

A man who injected semen into his back appears, the reason is ``for back pain treatment''-GIGAZINE

◆ Topics (memos, etc.)

◆ Science (Science, Academics, Technology)
Future Kyoto University Open Courseware | Kyoto University

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)

Constitution, expulsion of Mr. Imai, who is ``turning'' to the Liberal Democratic Party, seeking voluntary return of activity funds [Constitution]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

``I lost 20 kilograms in half a year.'' The inhumane immigration system and the technical internship system that can't attract people... Japan's big ``contradiction'' | Bunshun Online

This year's political party grants total 31.5 billion yen for 9 parties | NHK

``The murderer who crushed everything about me'' Ex-wife slander, former chess player Takahiro Hashimoto arrested | Mainichi Shimbun

Pakistan must end child marriage: UN expert 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Reiwa's policy of replacing members of the House of Councilors A series of questions from the opposition party of the House of Councilors | NHK | Election

More than 7,000 Ukrainian citizens died in Russian military invasion UN announcement | NHK | Ukraine situation

Former professional shogi player arrested on suspicion of defamation for posting defaming ex-wife Shiga Prefectural Police | NHK Kansai News

``I crushed everything'' and ``murderer'' post, former shogi player re-arrested suspicion of defamation of ex-wife Shiga Prefectural Police | Society | Regional News | Kyoto Shimbun

Requirement for forced sexual intercourse Difficult to express ``will not agree'' revision of draft proposal | NHK

Development of plant-derived ``alternative seafood'' Response to food crisis March sales | NHK | Trend

Siberia's Yakutsk temperature drops to -50C - CNN.com

Ex-Russian 'Wagner' commander seeks asylum in Norway - BBC News

Man stabbed in Osaka station toilet, seems to be conscious-Sankei news

30 years of runaway history・Arrested 43-year-old man of “celebrity” for meandering driving “Free participation” and “I don’t understand at all” Kanagawa Prefectural Police | FNN Prime Online

Taiwan to conduct military training for women for the first time 5 photos International News: AFPBB News

Russia's total military strength increased to 1.5 million Continued invasion of Ukraine | NHK | Ukraine situation

A waterway that has killed two people in the past, a boy falls to death ... Mayor ``We have taken measures without neglecting safety management, but we will review the response'': Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Arrested a former Republican candidate who lost the election Asked to shoot at the home of a US Democratic lawmaker: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kuroda Bank of Japan can not control 'invisible hand', different dimension relaxation on the verge of collapse: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Rep. Seiko Noda's 'former gangster' husband publishes evidence photo of adultery with woman in her 30s at a hotel for '90 minute break' (excerpt) | Daily Shincho

Muneo Suzuki argues that the report is unfair and ``sympathy for Ukraine'' The number of Russian soldiers killed is not reported / entertainment / daily sports online

Three former TEPCO executives acquitted Compulsory prosecution trial for nuclear accident Tokyo High Court | NHK | TEPCO Criminal Trial

Long-term interest rate plunges temporarily to 0.360% by maintaining the policy of the Bank of Japan: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Ruru Imai (26) was proposing to the eldest son of the former Liberal Democratic Party minister behind the turnover | Shukan Bunshun electronic version

Bank of Japan Maintains Monetary Easing, Raises Price Outlook to 3% in 2022 - Bloomberg

Maekawa House of Representatives ruling on 18th Nara District Court | NHK | Case

Patrol ship 'Echigo' ran aground in shallow water off Niigata, flooded, no injuries | NHK | Accident

◆ Lifestyle (life, lifestyle, health)

I know that Japanese bacon is different from home, so I want to know Gachi bacon that I can buy in Japan-Togetter

A future where peace of mind and hope for living tomorrow are connected|Panasonic_Souzo Note

Whale's 'Yodo-chan' removal begins After degassing, add weight to the seabed: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The reason why students continue to love Fukagawa Tsurifune, a famous restaurant with big servings - Familiar 丨 From nearby shops to familiar shops.

◆ IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)

What you should know to design a VTuber distribution screen | Musashi | note

Use managed PGroonga with Supabase! - 2023-01-17 - Kukurog

Advertisement income of popular YouTubers has plummeted Experts say, ``This year, everyone will be 'dismissed' without exception'' (excerpt) | Daily Shincho

[Recommended by people in the 'Sugo book'] I want you to know if you are an IT engineer. 4 books to learn management techniques that do not burn projects | Levertech Lab (Levertech LAB)

Suspected Instagram account hijacking arrest Guess from birthday etc. | NHK | Case

'Trying to harass 'Riaju'' Man arrested for hijacking multiple women's SNS accounts

I checked the email that arrived at the company and it was 'from North Korea' | NHK | Web Feature | Cyber Attack

◆ Anime, games, manga (subculture)
``A different world wandering meal with ridiculous skills'' non-credit opening │ Van de Shop `` luxury spoon ''-YouTube

Original TV animation 'HIGH CARD' non-credit ED-YouTube

TV anime 'Attack on Titan' The Final Season Complete Edition (Part 1) PV 1st - YouTube

[Rent] Character PV ``Ryza's Atelier 1-3'' # Shorts # Ryza 3 # Last Summer-YouTube

[Tao] Character PV 'Lyza's Atelier 1-3' #Shorts #Lyza 3 #Last Summer-YouTube

[Lyza] Character PV ``Lyza's Atelier 1-3'' #Shorts #Lyza 3 #Last Summer-YouTube

'Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty' story trailer - YouTube


'FORSPOKEN' | Mad Witch 'Tanta'-YouTube

TV anime 'Attack on Titan' The Final Season Notice regarding broadcast of the final version | TV anime 'Attack on Titan' official website

◆ Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)
'Unmarried heron affair' 'I became a sexual outlet after the marriage was decided.' Popular voice actor Takahiro Sakurai (48) Third ex-lover B-ko accuses '15 years of betrayal' and ' Unfaithful Mail” | Bunshun Online

Voice actor Takahiro Sakurai, who had an affair with the program writer, explained the background to the personality dropout Nippon Cultural Broadcasting regular interview-Anime Game: Nikkan Sports

Report on Takahiro Sakurai | | Intention

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
Volume up to 'value' as it is at the price! From January 17th (Tuesday) to February 13th (Monday), the ingredients for 3 types of standard sandwiches such as 'Egg Sandwich' will be increased by 20% for a limited time! !

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