I drank `` Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino '' and `` Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha '' where Starbucks' melting baked chocolate sauce and gateau chocolate crumb play an exquisite harmony

Limited-time menus `` Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino '' and `` Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha '' from Starbucks for the Valentine season appeared on January 18, 2023 (Wednesday). It is a menu inspired by

fondant au chocolat where chocolate melts from the inside, and it is said that it is a luxurious chocolate drink full of dessert, so I actually tried it.

[New Product Information] Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino®/Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Starbucks Valentine Season 1st Start from January 18 (Wednesday) A chocolate beverage inspired by “Fondant Chocolat”, which is attractive with melting chocolate! 'Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino®' and 'Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha' New Appearance | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

'Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino' and 'Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha' were appealing in store pops.

I ordered a fondant chocolate frappuccino (Tall only, 690 yen including tax).

Chocolate sauce is applied from the top of the cream, and dark mocha powder is topped from above.

The Frappuccino part has two layers, and the baked chocolate sauce is poured on the bottom layer of the Frappuccino.

When you drink it, you can certainly enjoy the rich flavor of chocolate. Not only is it sweet, but it also has a bittersweet taste that is unique to chocolate, giving it an elegant taste. In addition, the frappuccino is mixed with crunchy gateau chocolate crumbs, and its texture is a good accent. The flavor of the gateau chocolate crumb and the smooth sweetness of the baked chocolate sauce are combined, and the more you drink, the more the sweetness and aroma of the chocolate sauce spreads in your mouth. Fondant chocolat Frappuccino was certainly finished in a frappuccino full of dessert, reminiscent of fondant chocolat.

Next, I will drink fondant chocolate almond milk mocha (Tall size, 590 yen including tax).

Dark mocha powder and chocolate sauce are applied from the top of the cream.

When I drank it, it was based on almond milk, so it had a smooth and refreshing taste. It certainly has the sweetness of chocolate, but more than that, the scent of chocolate and nuts is felt firmly. Because of the bitterness of espresso, the sweetness is modest compared to Frappuccino, and I felt that the latte was perfect for a little break.

``Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino'' and ``Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha'' can be ordered at Starbucks nationwide for a limited time from January 18 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Tuesday), 2023.

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