'Blue Archive' Teaser visual released with TV animation decision

TV animation production of the popular RPG for smartphones ' Blue Archive -Blue Archive- ' has been announced.

Blue Archive The Animation Official Site


This was revealed during the 2nd anniversary event 'Bruaka Live! Second Aniba SP!' held on January 22, 2023. The announced teaser visual has Alona drawn in the center, and it is like 'Bruaka' that makes you feel youthful and transparent.

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'Blue Archive -Blue Archive-' is developed by NEXON Games and operated by Yostar.

Blue Archive -Blue Archive- (Buruaka)

It depicts the activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 'Petri', which solves various incidents and accidents that occur in the academic city 'Kivotos', which was made up of thousands of schools, and the player will be appointed as an advisor teacher of 'Petri'. Nari, the content is to increase the intimacy with the girls through the “petri dish”, build a relationship of trust, and solve the incidents and accidents that occur in “Kivotos”.

A new PV has also been released for “Buruaka Live!

[Bullaka] 4th PV-YouTube

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