Elon Musk admits there are too many ads on Twitter and promises to fix it

Elon Musk, who has acquired Twitter and promoted various reforms, acknowledged that the frequency of advertisements displayed on Twitter was too high and promised to take some measures to improve this.

Elon Musk admits Twitter has too many ads, says fix is coming | TechCrunch

After Mr. Musk acquired Twitter, he released Twitter Blue as a way to improve profitability. Twitter Blue has benefits such as obtaining a 'verified badge' displayed with a check mark next to the account name and reducing the amount of advertisements displayed on the timeline.

Twitter announces that it will resume ``Twitter Blue'' where you can buy authenticated badges on December 12, subscriptions from iOS apps will rise - GIGAZINE

Some users have criticized that even Twitter Blue can not completely erase advertisements on Twitter. Regarding the ads displayed on Twitter, Mr. Mask said, ``Ads are displayed frequently on Twitter and the size is too large,'' and admitted that Twitter's advertising experience was too bad. 'We will take steps to address both in the coming weeks,' it said, promising to improve both the frequency and size of its ads.

In addition, he reiterated that he plans to release a 'more expensive subscription plan without ads,' which he mentioned when he announced Twitter Blue.

It wasn't long after Musk publicly announced the ban on third-party client apps that Twitter admitted to having a bad advertising experience. Twitter's third-party client app had advantages such as no ads.

Official announcement that Twitter will not allow any third-party apps - GIGAZINE

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