``Tweetbot'' announced a statement that terminated the service due to Twitter's ban on third-party client applications

Twitter suddenly

blocked out third-party apps on January 13, 2023. Then, on January 19th, we updated our Developer Terms to prohibit the creation of third-party apps. Tapbots, the developer of Tweetbot , who was forced to terminate the service due to this change in terms, has left a comment.

Tweetbot. April 2011 - January 2023

Tweetbot. April 2011 – January 2023 | Hacker News

On January 19, 2023, Twitter officially announced an update to its Developer Terms to disallow any third-party client apps. Tweetbot was a client application with a history of more than 10 years that started service in April 2011, but Tweetbot decided to terminate the service due to the update of the terms.

Official announcement that Twitter will not allow any third-party apps - GIGAZINE

Tweetbot's developer, Tapbots, said, ``We Tapbots have invested in building Tweetbot for Twitter for over a decade, but it was quickly shut down due to the ban on third-party client apps.'' . 'We apologize to all our customers who have chosen Tweetbot as their way to access Twitter, and we sincerely thank them for their support and feedback over the years.'

Tapbots also said, 'It's time to put Tweetbot to rest, but instead there will be a better client app than Tweetbot so far,' introducing the newly developed Mastodon client app ' Ivory '. 'We plan to make Ivory even better than Tweetbot. We would appreciate your support and feedback for the success of Ivory on Mastodon.'

Ivory is in early access at the time of article creation. ``Ivory is absolutely amazing and by far the best Mastodon app I've ever tried,'' said one early access user. Another user wrote, ``I can't get immersed in Mastodon yet, but Ivory may stop using Twitter and switch to Mastodon if Tweetbot is as good an app.'' increase.

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