Chinese bun full of maple syrup `` Morinaga confectionery supervised butter fragrant hot cake bun '' tasting review

A sweet `` Morinaga Confectionery Supervised Butter Fragrant Hot Cake Bun '', which is a pancake stuffed with maple syrup and finished like a Chinese bun, appeared from FamilyMart on Tuesday, January 24, 2023. I was wondering what the taste of this dish, which is so popular that it has appeared for the third time this time, is what it tastes like, so I actually tried it.

Supervised by Morinaga Seika Butter Scented Hot Cake Bun | Product Information | FamilyMart

Inside the FamilyMart store, there was a pop of 'Morinaga Confectionery Supervised Butter Fragrant Hot Cake Man'.

I bought a hot cake bun as it is.

Pancake buns are palm-sized buns. It is warmed up.

When I cut it in half, the maple syrup that was thick inside overflowed, and a sweet scent filled the air.

If you look closely, in addition to maple syrup, something like a whitish paste is also sandwiched. It is said that maple syrup is added to the butter-flavored sauce and Morinaga's cake syrup, so it seems that the white one is 'butter-flavored sauce'.

When I actually ate it, the white part tasted like custard cream mixed with butter flavor. Maple syrup has a rich taste and aroma and is very sweet, and you can enjoy a strong sweetness combined with a butter-flavored sauce.

The price of `` Morinaga Confectionery Supervised Butter Fragrant Hot Cake Bun '' is 160 yen including tax and will be sold at FamilyMart nationwide from January 24, 2023.

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