ChatGPT's paid high-speed plan is about 5500 yen per month, reported by early access users

The chat AI ' ChatGPT ' developed by OpenAI has gained high popularity due to its ability to respond with high accuracy, and examples of its use in writing papers are beginning to appear. OpenAI reveals that it is considering adding a paid plan to ChatGPT, but a user who newly participated in the early access of the paid plan reported that `` the monthly fee was $ 42 (about 5500 yen) '' has been sent.

ChatGPT users report $42 a month pricing for 'pro' access but no official announcement yet - The Verge

At the time of article creation, ChatGPT is provided free of charge, and anyone can use it as long as they create an OpenAI account. On the other hand, in January 2023, OpenAI announced on its official Discord server , ``We are considering offering a paid plan to ensure the long-term viability of ChatGPT,'' and released a waitlist for paid plans. bottom. OpenAI cites ``relaxation of restrictions on the number of characters and responses'' and ``relaxation of response speed restrictions for service stabilization'' as benefits of paid plans.

OpenAI is considering the release of the paid version of ChatGPT ChatGPT ``ChatGPT Professional'', and it is possible to register an invitation waiting list that can be used experimentally - GIGAZINE

As mentioned above, Open has published a waitlist for ChatGPT paid plans, and reports of people who have been able to participate in early access have begun to appear on the Internet. From the following tweets posted by early access participants, you can read that the name of the paid plan is 'Professional Plan' and the monthly fee is $ 42. Also, if you subscribe to the Professional Plan, you can get benefits such as ``getting a response even when access is concentrated'', ``faster response speed'', and ``prioritized access to new functions''.

Below is a movie that runs ChatGPT while actually subscribing to the Professional Plan. You can see how ChatGPT responds with fairly long sentences.

According to the overseas media The Verge, there are voices dissatisfied with the amount of money such as `` $ 42 is the amount that accounts for a large proportion of the minimum wage in the country where I live '' on OpenAI's official Discord server. thing. On the other hand, there is also an opinion that 'the price of $ 42 is incredibly affordable for this technology.'

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