Mobile phones that are prohibited items are circulated in prisons and are used for purposes such as ``opening online courses in prison'', ``matching with dating apps'', and ``earning money with mobile rental''

Prisoners are generally prohibited from using mobile phones. However, in the United States, there are many prisoners who steal the guard's eyes and use mobile phones in prison. Journalist

Kelly Brakinger reports on a wide variety of activities that prisoners do with their mobile phones.

How People Use (Forbidden) Cell Phones in Prisons | The Marshall Project

In recent years, many universities have begun offering online classes due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Using this situation, prisoners who got mobile phones are impersonating students and taking online classes. In addition, prisoners have also been reported to improve their skills by reading electronic versions of ``books prohibited in prisons'' and watching YouTube and TikTok movies.

A man in a Georgia prison is using group chats on the messaging app to teach computer science to inmates in other prisons. The man told Mr. Brakinger, 'I'm using the computer science introductory course ` ` CS50 '' published by Harvard University. There are several universities that publish teaching materials, but among them Harvard University is the best I think Professor David Malan (who is in charge of the CS50 lecture) is the best teacher.I teach computer science to about 300 people with a self-grading method.' I'm here.

Most prisons provide medical services, but the quality of the services is uneven, and some prisons do not provide adequate medical care. A man imprisoned in a Georgia state prison said, ``Georgia does not provide decent medical services,'' and reports that he manages his health with an illegally obtained mobile phone. increase.

According to the man, one day, another prisoner received medical services and was prescribed Tylenol (antipyretic analgesic). However, after examining the prisoner's symptoms with WebMD , it was found that the prisoner may be suffering from a urinary tract infection. Therefore, the man recommended that the prisoner take antibiotics, and the prisoner bought and took antibiotics on the black market. The man says, 'I will continue to watch the progress.'

Make money
Some prisoners have access to the Internet while in prison and sell their artwork online. Also, some prisoners are learning how to trade stocks and how to earn income with gig work. A prisoner in Texas provided Mr. Blakinger with a ``screenshot appealing income earned from bitcoin trading,'' but then a prison officer confiscated his mobile phone and made it impossible to access his account.

Others make money by renting mobile phones to other prisoners as 'hotspots with internet access.' One prisoner reports that the 'hot spot' trades for $1 a day.

◆Activities seeking commutation of sentences
Some prisoners have claimed their innocence by accessing the Internet while in prison. According to Brakinger, some have continued to claim their innocence on Instagram for several years. Others send emails to the Justice Department offering a plea bargain if they can't hope for release or a reduced sentence.

In the state of Alabama, prisoners posted photos taken in prison online as ``the food served in prison is too bad''. The photos of the meal were then seen by the U.S. government and eventually served as evidence in the U.S. government's lawsuit against the state of Alabama to improve prison conditions.

◆ connection with people
According to Brakinger, some prisoners used dating apps in prison and met new lovers. There have also been reports of people using video calls to communicate with people who can't go to prison, such as ``parents who are bedridden at home''.

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