Plagiarism and plagiarism detection service Turnitin is developing a text detection tool written in ChatGPT

The interactive chat AI ``ChatGPT'' developed by OpenAI has a high accuracy sentence generation ability

that allows researchers to write the gist of a paper that cannot be distinguished as being AI-generated. As you can see, there is a problem of writing inaccurate information in a sentence that looks like it. In order to address this problem, Turnitin, which provides tools to detect copying, plagiarism, and plagiarism of articles, is developing a tool to detect sentences made by ChatGPT.

Universities offered software that detects ChatGPT essays • The Register

According to the news site The Register, Turnitin has been secretly developing a tool to detect AI-made text since `` GPT-3 '', the language model used for ChatGPT, came out. .

Eric Wang, vice president of AI at Turnitin, describes AI-generated sentences as “using the most likely words in the most likely places. It means that it is very different from

According to Mr. Wang, human beings unconsciously move their eyes from side to side, moving back and forth between words, paragraphs, and pages as they read, and think about future mental movements. ChatGPT only generates new words based on the previous sentence, so it does not have the flexibility seen in human sentences.

A tool developed by Turnitin predicts words that are likely to be generated by AI in a given text snippet (fragment). Humans don't tend to use certain words consistently in certain places, so AI-made text can be detected.

However, we are still considering how to provide the detection tool. Ingenuity such as indicating low, medium, and high is being considered.

It should be noted that this tool was not designed to prohibit the use of ChatGPT in educational institutions, but to enable teachers and students to trust each other and to trust technology.

“I think there is a big shift in how we create and work on content, and that translates into how we learn,” Wang said. “We need to think long-term about how we teach. , how we learn.You can't put the genie back in the bottle.Tools to visualize the use of these technologies will be valuable because they are the fundamental building blocks of trust and transparency. Let's go,' he said.

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