'256GB Mac mini' with M2 chip has fewer chips than the previous generation, so it turns out that SSD speed is slow, 512GB MacBook Pro with M2 Pro also slows down

We found that the Mac mini (2023) with the M2 chip and 256GB of storage has fewer NAND chips for the SSD than its predecessor with the M1 chip and 256GB of storage, which results in slower read and write speeds. Similarly, it has been pointed out that the 512GB MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro chip also has a slower SSD than the previous generation.

New 256GB Mac Mini and 512GB MacBook Pro Have Slower SSD Speeds Than Previous Models - MacRumors


2023 MacBook Pro has slower 512GB SSD than the M1

This time, the reason why the SSD of the 256GB Mac mini is slow is the disassembly video released by Brandon Geekabit on the YouTube channel.

M2 Mac Mini Teardown / Disassembly (4K-Up Close)-YouTube

If you look at the part 7 minutes and 12 seconds after the video starts playing, you can see the M2 chip installed in the Mac mini.

However, the problem this time is the part on the top right of the M2 chip. It has one horizontal chip with what appears to be an empty slot above it.

According to MacRumors, an IT news site that picked up the video, this indicates that there is only one NAND chip for storage, and the SSD will be slower than the previous model that had two. It is said that there is.

Max Tech , who released a teardown video following Brandon Geekabit, also points out that the NAND chip is one.

STOP! Do NOT Buy the NEW $599 M2 Mac mini.. ????-YouTube

The low chip is mentioned around 2 minutes and 43 seconds after the video starts playing.

Below is the enlarged chip.

As a result of actually performing a benchmark test with an application called Blackmagic Disk Speed Test , it is confirmed that the reading speed and writing speed of the 256GB Mac mini are about 1500MB per second, which is 30 to 50% slower than the previous model.

In this regard, MacRumors says, ``If you're looking for the fastest SSD speeds, we recommend choosing a storage configuration of at least 512GB if you're buying an M2 Mac mini. Slow SSD speeds will impact file transfer speeds. In addition, the Mac may temporarily use the SSD as virtual memory when all physical RAM is in use, which may slightly reduce overall performance.'

In addition, 9to5mac, which handles Apple-related news, reported that the MacBook Pro with M2 Pro also has one NAND chip.

A benchmark test conducted by 9to5mac also showed that the 512GB MacBook Pro (left) with the M2 Pro had a lower SSD read/write speed than the previous model (right) with the same configuration.

According to 9to5mac, the 256GB model of the M2-equipped MacBook Air also has only one NAND chip, so SSD performance is affected .

Regarding the SSD performance of the new Macs being lower than the previous generation, 9to5mac said, ``It's good that the storage density of NAND chips is higher, but it's always a shame that the performance deteriorates between generations. Most people won't notice this effect in everyday use, and even though the performance drops, SSD read and write speeds are still very fast, so the difference is only noticeable in extreme cases. I think,' he said.

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