A Twitch streamer who plays 'Elden Ring' with brain waves appears

Mr. Perrikaryal , a Twitch broadcaster, is attracting attention by playing ' ELDEN RING ' with brain waves.

Twitch Streamer Plays Elden Ring Using Only Her Brain

Perrikaryal plays Elden Ring hands-free by using an electroencephalograph ( EEG ) to record electrical activity in the brain. Perrikaryal is playing Elden Ring using EEG, and multiple distributions are archived on his Twitch channel, one example is below.

Using EEG Brain Activity As An Elden Ring Controller | !mindcontrol - Twitch

“She plays Elden Ring with her brain,” said esports reporter Jake Lucky. “Twitch streamer Perrikaryal has an EEG connected to her brain. I'm surprised,' he tweeted. In the tweet, Mr. Perrikaryal uploaded a clip of the moment when the character attacks immediately after saying 'attack' without using a controller etc. by reflecting the whole body on the camera. In this video, Mr. Perrikaryal said, ``I received a lot of skeptical voices like, ``Are you really playing games with brain waves?'' Many skeptical voices I have revealed that I projected the whole body to respond to.

Ashley Bardan, a reporter for overseas game media Kotaku, asked Cody Cao of the University of Michigan Cognitive Neuroscience Division for his opinion, saying, ``EEG has very good temporal resolution. If the neural responses to actions show very different neural patterns, I think that after training the algorithm, it will be able to decode or distinguish which response is which operation, so that you can play games with EEG. I think it will be possible.' It seems that it is possible to play games with brain waves.

However, it seems difficult to control all operations with brain waves, and it seems that it is still difficult to link different brain waves with different programs to all operations. Mr. Perrikaryal also says that it takes 'hours' to connect and train brain waves and manipulation.

In fact, Mr. Perrikaryal's distribution also shows him holding the controller in his hand, and it seems that he is performing specific actions with brain waves and using the controller to move other characters.

Godrick Mind Control Kill - Twitch

However, Mr. Cao said, ``EEG decoding is still unstable. EEG decoding is about 60 to 70% even if the accuracy is quite high.'' ``A lot of training is required for the algorithm to reach acceptable performance. To be able to explain most of the attacks, you have to go through a lot of different examples of the same thing, it's like Face ID on the iPhone, the more cases you register, the more accurate it becomes. That's what I mean.'

In response to Mr. Lucky's tweet introducing Mr. Perrikaryal's attempt, the official Bandai Namco Twitter account in the UK also responded, 'Well, what are you doing?'

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