What is a simulation game that can be considered 'national security risk' in a background check when played?

When working for a company or organization involved in national secrets or defense, the company or organization may conduct a background check on job applicants in order to ascertain whether there are any security risks. At this time, there was a report that it was asked whether to play a certain simulation game.

This free-to-play war game is responsible for so many leaked military secrets that it's now considered an official risk on background checks |
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Playing Military Sim War Thunder May Get You Classed as a National Security Risk

This report was posted on Reddit, an online bulletin board site, and was a subreddit of the simulation game `` War Thunder '' that allows you to experience battles on the battlefield by operating aircraft, tanks, and ships.

Reddit user Nafuwu reported that after his friend got a job at a defense company, Nafuwu was interviewed by a background checker over the phone about his friend.

In the interview survey, it seems that there were common questions in this kind of survey, such as `` Is your friend going to overthrow the government? '' Among them, `` Is he playing War Thunder? ?' In other words, playing War Thunder was perceived as a national security risk.

Although War Thunder is about war, it is just a game and does not pose a direct national security risk. However, there is a reason why it is considered that 'playing War Thunder is a national security risk'.

One of them is the leak of classified documents in the wake of War Thunder. In July 2021, a player who is dissatisfied with the behavior of the British tank ' Challenger 2 ' appearing in War Thunder will upload the material of the tank to the official forum of the development company, even though it is a confidential document. An incident has happened.

A player who published confidential military documents on the net, ``The description of the tank in the game is wrong'' appeared-GIGAZINE

In addition, there was also an incident where a Chinese War Thunder player published confidential information on the official forum, including drawings of the Chinese tank shell DTC10-125 for the same reason.

Confidential information on Chinese tanks leaked due to dissatisfaction with game status - GIGAZINE

Additionally, in January 2023, a War Thunder player leaked the F-16 fighter's flight manual to the official forums. Even at this time, the user who pasted confidential information on the official forum developed the theory that ``the performance of the fighter you are using is completely different from the real one.The manufacturer should reflect the correct specs in the game.'' That's right.

According to PC-related news site PCMag, since 2021, there have been six incidents of confidential or restricted information leaks related to War Thunder. PCMag said, ``If you want to work for a company that has such thorough background checks and security checks, I would advise you not to play War Thunder. Let's keep it a secret,' he said.

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