Online shop starts displaying 'frequency of product returns', 'frequency of product damage during the warranty period', and 'time to resolve warranty claims' for each manufacturer

Digitec Galaxus , which has the largest online marketplace in Switzerland, operates two types: Digitec , which handles home appliances and media products, and Galaxus , which sells a wide range of daily necessities. On January 26, 2023, Digitec Galaxus announced that 'how often customers return products,' 'how often the product is damaged during the warranty period,' and 'how often the product arrives after claiming the warranty' as reference materials for users to purchase the product. We have announced that we will display the time it takes to arrive.

Refreshingly honest – Digitec Galaxus now displays warranty score and return rate - Galaxus

Details on the warranty score and return rate - Galaxus

“I don’t know of any other online retailer in the world that publishes this kind of data on their product pages,” said Oliver Helen, chief innovation officer at Digitec Galaxus. Not only, but even portal sites that compare manufacturers and products, I do not know anything that has similar information, ”he appeals that the uniqueness of Digitec and Galaxus will be the standard for many products and services.

On the site, the product's 'return rate in the past 12 months' is displayed in comparison with other brands' products, as shown in the image below. Zara Hegemann, Senior Product Owner, who developed and supported the new product information display function, said, 'A high return rate means, for example, that a manufacturer overvalues ​​and advertises their product, or that the product image is important. 'It may suggest that some important details are missing, or that the clothing, etc., may not be suitable for many customers when touched.'

Also, the 'Warranty Score', which indicates how often the product is defective within two years of purchase, is displayed as follows. In the image below, you can see that 6.4% of German PC maker

MEDION has a warranty claim within 24 months. “Warranty scores are a good indicator of product quality,” Hegemann says. You can get information that complements the In addition, according to the Wiki that publishes details about the display of the score, the guarantee score will be displayed only when more than 300 products have been sold within the past 24 months, and new products will be displayed after one month It is said that devising is done so that data display will not be biased due to small data, such as starting to display data from.

In addition, you can also refer to the “Warranty Period”, which is the average length of time it takes for the product to be returned to the user in the event of an actual warranty claim.

“We want our customers to be able to make as many informed and sustainable purchasing decisions as possible,” Helen said, emphasizing the importance of displaying product information, noting that users He says that 'honesty' between them will be important. In addition, the fact that users can choose products with a low return rate and warranty score reduces the burden on Digitec Galaxus in dealing with returns and warranties, and it is environmentally friendly because long-lasting products are selected. Secondary effects can also be expected.

The announcement of Digitec Galaxus has been a hot topic on Hacker News, and the display of new product information has been praised. Appreciative comments have been received. It is also pointed out that Digitec Galaxus is not the first to display product information like this, and that there are sites that have been doing similar displays for many years. There is also an opinion that there is great significance in

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