The life of Samsung's high-speed SSD '990 PRO' shrinks by 46% in a short period of time

The SSD '

990 PRO ' released by Samsung in December 2022 has been appealing for its extremely high read speed of 7450MB/s, and is attracting attention from PC enthusiasts. However, several users have reported the phenomenon that ``the life of the 990 PRO just bought is rapidly shrinking''.

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The M.2 SSD ``990 PRO'' released by Samsung in December 2022 is compatible with the high-speed communication standard PCIe Gen 4, and has an amazing transfer speed of 7450MB/s maximum read speed and 6900MB/s maximum write speed. It is appealed that it has Detailed specifications and lineup of 990 PRO are explained in detail in the following article.

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There have been multiple reports from users who have obtained such 990 PRO that ``I have only used it for a short period of time, but its life has been significantly shortened''. For example, overseas media Neowin reports that the 'remaining life' has become 94% in a few days after purchasing the 990 PRO. SSDs that have appeared in recent years have a longer lifespan, and it is common for the remaining lifespan to decrease by a few percent after several years of use. I can say

Also, on Reddit, an online bulletin board, there is a post saying, 'The remaining life span is 96% in two weeks from the start of use, and it is decreasing by 2% every week.'

Furthermore, there is also a report on Twitter that 'the remaining life has become 64% even though only about 2 TB of data has been written.'

Neowin asked Samsung for replacement compensation for the 990 PRO, but the response from support was slow and they did not receive replacement compensation. However, after Neowin published an article reporting the problem, Samsung seems to have responded to the replacement compensation.

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