Chromium-based browser 'Carbonyl' that allows you to watch YouTube and run DOOM on the terminal

A Chromium-based browser `` Carbonyl '' that realizes web browsing on a terminal (terminal device) that can only ``move cursor'', ``display Unicode characters'', ``change text color'', and ``track mouse movement'' has been released .

Forking Chrome to render in a terminal - Fathy Boundjadj

A terminal generally has a display and keyboard, and is used to connect to a host computer to exchange data and display processing results. In most cases, the processing itself is performed by the host computer.

However, there are strange people who say, ``I really want to browse on the terminal,'' and there is software like the text-based browser `` Browsh '' that can display websites graphically without a GUI.

Text-based browser 'Browsh' that can display websites graphically from the terminal for free - GIGAZINE

Fathy Boundjadj, one of the developers of `` Carbonyl '', was originally working on a program called

`` html2svg '' that converts web pages to SVG. It is said that 'Carbonyl' developed this. html2svg is included as a Carbonyl runtime.

According to Boundjadj, apart from being guaranteed that the terminal can 'draw monospaced characters in a fixed grid', there isn't much it can do, generally 'moving the cursor', 'displaying Unicode characters', and ' You can set the background color and foreground color of , and use 24-bit RGB when 6x6x6 RGB palette or COLORTERM is set to True Color.

The unicode character 'U+2584' is a rectangle (▄) using the bottom half of the grid and can render a perfect square by setting the background color to the color of the pixel above and the foreground color to the color of the pixel below. increase. Using html2svg actually written in Rust, it looks like this when the top page of YouTube is drawn with a terminal emulator.

Render the string by calling the draw_text function. It turns out that a pop-up about cookies was displayed.

This is what happens if you fill the dialog without displaying the overlapping strings, or correct the gray background color of the strings.

Using Google Chrome, where you are searching Google is like this. It doesn't seem to be recognized as Chrome, and Google recommends using Chrome.

After improving animation and scrolling, improving layout problems, Carbonyl can display Wikipedia and play DOOM.

Browse Wikipedia

play DOOM

Browse YouTube

Carbonyl has a public project on GitHub.

GitHub - fathyb/carbonyl: Chromium running inside your terminal

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