Setting procedure & appearance summary of the official function 'server web page' that can create a web page for introducing the Discord server for free


operates an official server on Discord, and publishes content such as immediate delivery of new articles and forums that anyone can write. Newly, we created an introduction page for the GIGAZINE server using Discord's genuine server introduction page creation service `` Server Web Page '', which summarizes the server overview, the benefits of participating, links to related SNS, etc. I tried to summarize what was displayed.

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◆1: What is Discord's 'server web page'?
◆ 2: Server web page setting procedure
◆3: GIGAZINE genuine news distribution bot 'GIGAZINE BOT' is also available!

◆ 1: What is Discord's 'server web page'?
You can understand what the Discord server web page is like by accessing GIGAZINE's server web page .

The elements included in the server web page are: First of all, the server name is displayed at the top, and information such as the overview of the server, the number of members and the number of online members, the date of opening the server, and the benefits of participating in the server are listed below.

Also, on the right side of the screen, there is a 'Join Server' button that allows you to join the server and a 'Share Server' button that allows you to copy the URL of the server web page. A link button is displayed.

By scrolling down the screen, you can also check the detailed description of the server and the supported languages. The server web page can contain a large amount of information such as ``what the server can do'', ``server size'', ``SNS accounts related to the server'', etc., so it is very useful as a landing page when inviting others to the server.

◆ 2: Server web page setting procedure
To set up a server web page, the server must be operated as a 'community server' and registered with ' server discovery '.

When the server web page is available, the item 'Server web page' will be displayed on the server setting screen, so click it. The setting screen of the server web page already reflects the settings of items such as 'category', 'subcategory', and 'cover image' in server discovery.

There are three unique setting items for the server web page: ``Benefits of joining the server'', ``Detailed explanation of the server'', and ``Links to various SNS''. You can register 4 types of benefits for joining the server.

You can also register pictograms in the 'Benefits of joining the server'.

'Detailed description of the server' is OK if you enter it in the part marked 'About community'. The number of characters in the description should be between 300 and 2400 characters.

'Links to various SNS' can be set from 'Exchange links' at the bottom of the setting screen. First, click 'Add another'.

Next, click 'Select exchange platform'.

Platforms to register can be selected from Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, Patreon, Reddit, Steam, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, GitHub, and Etsy.

After selecting the platform, enter the URL of the account you want to register.

Click Publish Landing Page when all settings are complete.

Then refresh the screen and you will see the URL where you can access the server web page. After that, you can widely recruit server participants by spreading this URL on SNS or posting it on your homepage.

◆ 3: There is also a GIGAZINE genuine news distribution bot 'GIGAZINE BOT'!
Discord users who are thinking about introducing a server web page like the one above should have a desire to 'increase the content of the server'. By introducing `` GIGAZINE BOT '' developed by GIGAZINE to the server, you can distribute GIGAZINE's new articles to any channel, `` channel to read interesting news while waiting for game matching '' `` today's news at the end of the day You can quickly create a useful channel such as a channel to look back on . The following article explains how to introduce GIGAZINE BOT in detail, so please check it out.

Summary of how to insert and use the bot 'GIGAZINE BOT' that can quickly check the new articles of GIGAZINE on Discord - GIGAZINE

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