The secret to prevent McDonald's from becoming a bad hangout is ``Turn off Wi-Fi and let Beethoven flow''

One of the problems faced by fast food restaurants and family restaurants that are open until midnight is that delinquents and homeless people hang out. It has been reported that McDonald's in Wrexham , Wales, England has turned off Wi-Fi and switched the background music to classical music such as Beethoven in order to prevent delinquents from hanging out. increase.

Fast food restaurant will play classical music in bid to stop more Wrexham trouble - North Wales Live

McDonald's starts playing classical music to soothe yobs • The Register

On January 25, 2023, in Wrexham City, an incident occurred in which dozens of young people committed assaults, such as jetting fire extinguishers and throwing billboards and coins at shop clerks. The youths were known to have broken up into groups and brawled while hanging out at a particular fast food restaurant, and North Wales Police are stepping up patrols to prevent a recurrence.

Wrexham City Police Lieutenant Luke Hughes said: 'I was absolutely stunned by the reports of the incident. We arrested some and took some home, but this is the long-term solution to the problem. I don't think I will,' he said.

Therefore, McDonald's stores in Wrexham City turned off the provision of free Wi-Fi at 17:00 and imposed restrictions on entering the store after 17:00.

In addition, it is said that measures will be taken to change the background music played in the store to classical music such as Beethoven. It seems that this method of changing BGM has been tested at McDonald's in London, and McDonald's said, ``We have tested the impact on customers by making classical music BGM in the past, and it is more acceptable. We have found that it encourages a wide range of behaviors, so we have adopted it in several stores.”

Hughes commented, ``A well-known fast food restaurant playing classical music from 5pm should prevent some problems, unless the local rogue is a Beethoven aficionado.'' .

In addition, local media Wales Online said, `` In the movie `` A Clockwork Orange '', classic songs such as Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 and Elgar's `` Majesty '' were used as background music for violent acts by thugs. It remains to be seen whether McDonald's attempt will work.

A Clockwork Orange | Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment-YouTube

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