A robot that can move on the wind like a dandelion fluff will be developed

Inspired by the fluff of dandelions, a research team at the University of Tampere in Finland has developed a robot `` FAIRY '' that moves on the wind using materials and fibers that react to light.

Dandelion-Inspired, Wind-Dispersed Polymer-Assembly Controlled by Light - Yang - Advanced Science - Wiley Online Library


Incredible 'Fairy' Robot Sails on The Breeze Like a Floating Dandelion : ScienceAlert

FAIRY is an abbreviation for Flying Aero-robots based on Light Responsive Materials Assembly. It is made of fibers with a thickness of 14 μm as shown in the image below.

At the base of the fiber is a photo-responsive liquid crystal elastomer actuator, which moves the fiber like a yacht sail when light hits it, controlling the movement of FAIRY flying in the air. According to the research team, FAIRY does not require a battery or power supply, and can travel a distance of 10 km to 100 km in a hot and dry environment.

What was announced this time is a proof-of-concept experiment, and experiments are being conducted using wind tunnels and laser beams. However, the research team believes that the content of this research will be useful in the future for the realization of `` a robot that carries pollen and performs pollination work ''.

Hao Tseng, one of the authors of the paper, said: 'Global warming is causing the loss of pollinators like honeybees. This problem poses a serious threat to biodiversity and food production. It may sound sci-fi, but our proof-of-concept experiment marks an important step towards realistic applications where FAIRY is suitable for artificial pollination. I have made it clear that it is,' he commented.

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