Netflix releases animation 'Dog and Boy' using AI-generated images in the background of all cuts

Netflix has released an experimental animation `` Dog and Boy '' that uses an image generated by AI as a background. Netflix describes this animation as 'a project that attempts to use image generation technology as a background image for animation production as a tool to assist creators.'

Netflix creators base, joint production project between rinna and WIT STUDIO, animation 'Dog and boy' is released. One hand at the possibility of creator support. -About Netflix

Anime Creator's Base Animation 'Dog and Boy' Main Video-Netflix-YouTube

On January 31, 2023, Netflix's animation division ' Netflix Anime Creators Base ', AI character development and research company rinna, and WIT STUDIO, which worked on animations 'Attack on Titan' and 'SPY x FAMILY', jointly. The project animation 'Dog and Boy' has been released.

In this project, in addition to animation production, joint development of animation background image generation tools is also underway, and an experiment was conducted to see if the background art production could be supplemented with the latest technology.

Beautiful seasonal backgrounds appear in the approximately 3-minute animation video without dialogue.

port town

A small station illuminated by autumn leaves

snow scenes, etc.

The layout of this anime background is drawn by hand.

The image generated by AI based on the hand-drawn background is below. 'Background Designer' is also credited as 'AI (+ Human)' in the staff roll.

The image generated by AI based on the image in the previous stage is as follows.

The final image used has hand-drawn touch-ups.

Director of Photography Hirotsugu Tanaka commented on the challenges of production, saying, ``In Japanese production sites, efficiency is improved by completely dividing the work, but there are many people who are working on multiple projects at the same time, I wanted to think of a way to give creators time to do creative work.'

In addition, animation director Ryotaro Makihara said about the biggest learning from this project, 'By combining tools and hand-drawn techniques and concentrating on what only humans can do, I realized that I could expand the range of expression.' increase.

In addition, some Internet users who felt that `` Netflix used AI to avoid paying human artists '' and `` AI will take away human jobs '' said, `` Human only credit The world of anime that has been corrupted should be angry.It is a slap in the face of the crystals of blood, sweat, and tears that animators spend a lifetime to improve their skills.”

Netflix hopes that this project will contribute to the realization of flexible animation production through appropriate support using the latest technology. I explained the real intention of making an attempt to do so.

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