What kind of food is made in Antarctica?


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There are still many unknowns about Antarctic cuisine, which was featured in the movie ' Antarctic Chef '. Mr. Carol Devine and Mr. Wendy Trusler, who were involved in Antarctic cleanup activities from 1995 to 1996, introduced the dishes they served there.

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Between 1995 and 1996, a total of 57 volunteers traveled to Antarctica to remove trash that had been left in Antarctica for nearly 30 years. The team was led by Mr. Devine, the founder of the Volunteer International Environmental Enterprise Foundation. To provide a delicious meal for tired volunteers, Mr. Devine hired Mr. Trussler, who had become famous as a 'magic cook,' feeding plantation workers in northern Canada.

Mr. Trusler said that the most difficult part of cooking in Antarctica was 'getting all the food at once.' Since the food for about four months was delivered at once, it was said that there was no choice but to borrow a freezer from a nearby Russian base and put away all the equipment and put the food, but thanks to that, dried food, canned food, frozen meat, With all the fresh vegetables and other items stored, Trasler said he could cook a variety of dishes.

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“We had a very short amount of time to make our members feel comfortable,” said Trusler. We made fondue and communicated with each other.' In addition to this, he said that he succeeded in making various dishes deliciously, such as cinnamon bread, Ukrainian style cabbage rolls, and frozen chocolate cream.

In Antarctica, exchanges with other bases were actively carried out, and once a Chinese cook visited from a nearby base and taught him how to make dumplings instead of teaching him how to make bread.

The sense cultivated in Antarctica and the skill of not wasting money are also utilized in real life. ``Cooking skills were also useful during the new coronavirus epidemic,'' said Trusler. At the beginning of the epidemic, there were really long queues to buy food outside the store, and I wanted to shorten the time I stayed in the store. Thanks to my cooking skills, I was able to live without shopping for five weeks.'

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In 2012, Mr. Devine and Mr. Trussler published ' The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning ,' a book about cleaning activities and cooking, based on the recipes, photographs, and diary Mr. Trussler researched and collected. Mr. Devine said, 'Someone who wanted to be a chef in Antarctica bought this book. Antarctica teaches how countries share resources and must use everything until the last day. Antarctica is more important than ever.”

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