Possibility that Apple will release 'iPhone Ultra' more expensive than iPhone Pro Max in 2024

The most expensive iPhone sold by Apple is the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max, and if you choose one with 1TB of storage, the price will be 239,800 yen including tax. The iPhone is already becoming quite expensive, but overseas media reported that Apple is considering the release of the ' iPhone Ultra ' as a top-end model that is more expensive than the Pro Max.

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Bloomberg's Mark Garman, who is familiar with Apple-related leaks, said, ``Apple believes that consumers are willing to reach out to get the best iPhone possible. Apple is working to add even more unique features to the iPhone Pro Max and release a higher-end Ultra model in 2024,' he tweeted, saying that Apple is more likely than the current high-end models such as the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. also mentions the possibility that they are working on the development of an even more expensive model.

Apple has just announced its financial results for the first quarter (October to December) of 2023, but during this financial results briefing, CEO Tim Cook made quite suggestive remarks about the company's future, Garman said. points out. During the earnings call, Cook commented on the rising average selling price of the iPhone, saying, 'Users are willing to reach out to get the best they can afford in that category. I think, 'he said, suggesting that iPhone demand could be maintained even if more expensive terminals appeared. Cook did not mention the price increase of the iPhone, but he also said that it is worth releasing a higher price range model than the current model if it has new features.

According to Garman, Apple has been internally considering adding a 'more expensive iPhone' to the iPhone's top model. In fact, in recent years, Apple has begun to draw a clear distinction between the performance of its mid-range regular iPhone and its high-end iPhone Pro, which is a clear reason why consumers are spending more money on iPhones. pointing out.

In the smartphone market in 2022, although the number of terminal shipments decreased compared to the previous year due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus and the economic recession, the average selling price is rising due to the increase in demand for high-end terminals. These market trends may also boost Apple's emphasis on high-end models.

Worldwide smartphone shipments in 2022 will be the lowest since 2013 at 1,226.7 million units, and Apple will acquire 85% of the operating profit in the smartphone market-GIGAZINE

Garman said Apple could name the top-end model, which is even more expensive than the iPhone Pro Max, 'Ultra.' The reason is that products such as Apple Watch Ultra, the top model of Apple Watch, and M1 Ultra , the top model of the M1 series, are named Ultra.

Apple is also working to bring the Ultra above the Pro line rather than renaming the iPhone Pro Max to the iPhone Ultra, and is working on the Ultra 'in time for a 2024 release.' Guerman speculates that At the time of writing the article, it is unknown what kind of terminal the iPhone Ultra will be, but it is speculated that it will be equipped with a faster chip, a higher-spec camera and a larger display. Furthermore, in anticipation of future specification changes across the iPhone, Garman speculates that ``the charging port may disappear a step ahead''.

In the past, it was rumored that Apple was working on the development of a foldable iPhone, but Garman points out that the foldable iPhone will not be released soon at the time of writing the article.

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