The application ``Damus'' that adopts the protocol Nostr that can be an alternative to Twitter will be deleted immediately from the Chinese App Store two days after its release

Some Twitter users, who were worried about API charges and the sudden mass freeze of accounts, opened an account such as Instagram in case their Twitter account was frozen, or used an alternative app similar to Twitter. You can see the movement to explore. Under such circumstances, the app ' Damus ' that adopted the decentralized SNS protocol Nostr , which is attracting attention, was shut out of the Chinese App Store just two days after it appeared on Apple's App Store. It became clear that

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Apple pulled Damus from the App Store in China;

Nostr is a decentralized SNS protocol developed to build a censorship-resistant global SNS, and is also known to have been funded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Nostr does not rely on central servers like traditional social media protocols. Instead, all users can join any 'relay' server of their choice, publish their posts through multiple relays, and view content posted to relays. This system allows users to post content through another relay even if a particular relay is censored.

And one of the apps that implemented Nostr as a protocol is Damus, a simple Twitter-like app that specializes in sending texts. Combining the protocol 'Nostr' and the app 'Damus' results in 'NostrDamus', a name that alludes to the name of ' Nostradamus ', known as a prophet.

In December 2022, when Twitter announced a policy of ``prohibiting use for the main purpose of advertising competing SNS accounts,'' it became popular as an alternative platform for major SNS Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The name of Nostr is listed alongside Mastodon, which is rising, and it can be seen that Nostr is wary even before the release of the application.

Twitter deletes its own account advertising tweets on Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr, Post and revise the policy so that Aka BAN can be done, but immediately withdraw-GIGAZINE

Frank Hu, COO of web3 infrastructure startup ByteTrade Lab, said that Damus is a system that allows users to freely select the relays they want to participate in, and that each relay has various characteristics, and there is competition among relays to acquire users. claimed to occur. “Relay operators can target influencers and porn star fans and build different communities, paid or free, censored or uncensored,” Fu said.

Because Damus is a decentralized social network, there is no central authority to control who and what content participates on the platform. On the other hand, Apple has asked the service to flag content, so the approval process for Damus' application release has been difficult.

And on February 1, 2023, Damus was finally released on Apple's App Store . Dorsey touched on this on Twitter, tweeting, ``Open protocol milestone... Nostr is officially available on Apple's App Store with the Damus app.''

However, just two days after Damus was released on the App Store, Damus was removed from the Chinese App Store following a complaint from the China Cyberspace Administration (CAC). Apple's notification states, 'We have been requested by the CAC to remove your application from the Chinese App Store because it contains content deemed illegal in China that does not comply with the App Store Review Guidelines. We would like to inform you that

Technology media 9to5mac commented on Apple's explanation that ``Damus contains illegal content,'' saying, ``The claim that Dmus and other Nostr clients contain illegal content is absolutely nonsense. does not contain any content, which is like banning Safari because it could be used to access the website of a terrorist organization.' Damus states that it only functions as a client that delivers content.

At the time of writing the article, it seems that Damus, which has already been installed in China, can be used, and content can be viewed and posted without being caught by the censorship system. According to Fu, Damus already has about 300 relays, and it would be very difficult to shut them all down.

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