`` Matcha Thunder '' tasting review with mellow matcha flavor and crunchy texture using first tea

On February 7, 2023 (Tuesday), just before Valentine's Day, ' Matcha Thunder ' will appear from Yuraku Confectionery's 'Black Thunder' series. This product, which was renewed from '

Matcha no Thunder ' that appeared in February 2022, uses Uji matcha first-class tea without using matcha flavoring, giving it an authentic matcha taste and a crunchy feeling unique to Black Thunder. It is said that it is finished. Since such 'Matcha Thunder' arrived, I tried to eat it ahead of time.

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This is 'Matcha Thunder'.

In the raw material column, 'chocolate', 'matcha', 'sencha' etc. were listed.

The calorie is 113kcal per 21g.

Below is what I took out of the bag.

The sides and underside are finished with a chocolate 'half-coated' finish.

The normal `` Black Thunder '' is also 21 g, but when actually comparing `` Matcha Thunder (left) '' and `` Black Thunder (right) '', `` Black Thunder '' was slightly larger.

I was worried about the size difference, so when I actually weighed it, 'Matcha Thunder' was 21g, while 'Black Thunder' was 22g.

When you cut it in half and compare the cross section, it looks like this.

When I brought it close to my face to eat 'Matcha Thunder', the scent of tea spread softly. The matcha chocolate, which uses 33.3% first-class matcha, has a mellow flavor and reproduces the texture of tencha that is stirred in a bowl and foamed. Thanks to that, I felt that it was a dish that combines the crunchy texture of Black Thunder and the flavor of authentic Uji matcha.

'Matcha no Thunder' will be pre-sold at convenience stores nationwide from February 7, 2023 (Tuesday), and will be available at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide from March 20, 2023 (Monday). schedule. The reference suggested retail price is 49 yen including tax.

Reservations can also be made on Amazon.co.jp, and the price at the time of article creation is 1980 yen including tax for 20 pieces, and 2880 yen including tax including shipping fee of 900 yen.

Amazon | [Sales channel limited item] Yuraku Confectionery Matcha Sander 1 × 20 bags | Black Thunder | Chocolate mail order

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