Headline news for February 7, 2023

It was announced that '

Chiikawa ' and Suntory will collaborate for the first time, and 'CC Lemon', 'Dekabita C' and 'Nacchan' will be original package designs from February 21, 2023 (Tuesday).

The first collaboration between 'Chikawa' and Suntory's popular drink! 'C.C. Lemon' changed its brand name to 'Chiichii Lemon'! ? | List of news releases | Suntory Beverage & Food International

In this collaboration package, 'CC Lemon' is written as 'Chiichii Lemon', and 'Decavita C' has the catchphrase 'Decavita Charge' as 'Chii Vita Charge'.

By the way, I posted an article like this on the same day of the same month in the past.

It is a hot topic overseas that Adobe tricks users with dark patterns and makes them contract for 12 months - GIGAZINE

How a company that erases bad reputation on the Internet deletes articles unfavorable to customers with false DMCA and legal notices is exposed under the sun - GIGAZINE

Apple announces that it will impose a 27% fee on sales of third-party payments, voices of anger and disappointment from developers - GIGAZINE

9 years imprisonment for a 14-year-old boy who joked ``I want to make a Russian authority building in Minecraft and blow it up''-GIGAZINE

Gamers hate 'NFT' but music fans love it, why? -GIGAZINE

How did 'Discord' create the future of the Internet - GIGAZINE

Bumblebee research reveals that mass extinction has already occurred - GIGAZINE
Director Shunji Iwai talked about works with Yuhei Sakuragi & Yuki Kaji 'Even if the world ends tomorrow' special talk show report-GIGAZINE

Why is the life of LED bulbs getting shorter and shorter? -GIGAZINE

Numerous research reports showing that paper books are superior to e-books - GIGAZINE

Crayfish that creates its own clone and grows explosively - GIGAZINE

I ate ``white curry udon'' that completely overturns the concept of curry udon - GIGAZINE

Law & Luffy of one piece that somehow turned into a woman and became full of sex appeal - GIGAZINE

Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter] Opening, Summary of all articles - GIGAZINE

It turns out that the 'dead zone of the sea' due to global climate change is expanding-GIGAZINE

If today is the last day of my life - GIGAZINE

◆ Topics (memos, etc.)

◆ Science (Science, Academics, Technology)
JAXA | Postponement of Launch of Advanced Optical Satellite 'DAICHI-3' (ALOS-3) by H3 Rocket Test Vehicle-1

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Aomori “Oma Tuna” Catch Unreported or Two Intermediate Wholesaler Presidents Arrested | NHK | Case

A series of plate thefts on the limited express train ``Kiha 183 series'' that ends regular service | NHK | Incident

``I'm not interested in women's bodies'' Suspicion of disarming sexual violence Several disabled people also complained | Mainichi Shimbun

[Original] A man who lives a 'polygamous' life Mind-controls a teenage woman and attempts to sexually assault or sprays pepper spray on investigator to arrest current criminal | TBS NEWS DIG

Mr. Kazuhiro Kiyohara Letter of Appreciation from Police Rescue in Traffic Accident Okinawa | NHK | Accident

Magnitude 7.8 earthquake kills 15 in southern Turkey 6 photos International News: AFPBB News

Southeastern Turkey earthquake More than 1,000 dead including neighboring Syria | NHK

Prime Minister apologizes for discriminatory remarks by secretary Not in the original draft of ``Social change'' | Kyodo News

New M7.5 earthquake in Turkey | Kyodo News

Vol.23022 The lawsuit filed by a student against the University of Tokyo is becoming a big deal | MRIC by Medical Governance Society

``Expulsion is abnormal'' Mr. Nobuyuki Shochiku, who called for the public election of the communist party leader, objected to the disposition of the district committee in Kyoto | Society | Regional News | Kyoto Shimbun

Communist executive ``If you are attacked, you must protect the party'' Dismissal of party members-Sankei News

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to withdraw from domestic jet passenger aircraft Development company also liquidated: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

While same-sex couples are not accepting children as foster parents, `` precious hands '' Tokyo relaxes requirements `` For certification of diverse families '': Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Communist expulsion of party members claiming ``public election of party leader'' ``Sudden attack is the reason'' [Communist]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Withdrawal from domestic jets Unprofitable, development discontinued-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: current affairs dot com

4-year-old girl suspected of obscenity Man arrested, adult goods use-Metropolitan Police Department: current affairs dot com

Yosan Line? ``Javelin throw'' video toward the track JR Shikoku considers damage report | Mainichi Shimbun

[Breaking news] Two men who are said to be instructors 'Luffy' arrested on the plane Transferred from the Philippines to Japan Suspected special fraud in 2019 | FNN Prime Online

Financial Services Agency withdraws video featuring Hiroyuki – Arc Times

Party member who insisted on ``election of party leader'' to elect Communist chairperson expulsion | NHK Political Magazine

Affordable Spin-off Shops One After Another - Bloomberg

Liberal Democrat Nishida ``Prohibition of discrimination creates division'' LGBT bill-Sankei News

Prime Minister Kishida, ``Apology'' for LGBT parties Discriminatory remarks by former secretary [Kishida administration]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Developing technology to generate electricity from wastewater is a company in Matsuyama City with more than 10 employees, also expanding overseas | NHK |

Members of the Communist Party, please stay in the party |

[Original] Prime Minister instructs preparation of LGBT bill LDP, postponed two years ago-Sankei News

Turkey earthquake, more than 4,300 dead Syria also damaged, 16,000 injured: current affairs dot com

Chinese military also shot down foreign balloons that invaded the sky in the past Chinese media reports | NHK | China

◆ Lifestyle (life, lifestyle, health)
I completely understand what fashion is

Kintetsu, Koriyama station relocation agreement Prefecture, Yamatokoriyama city and new station building / Nara | Mainichi Shimbun

An accommodation facility for children in Nakano Ward, 'Tokyo Children's Castle', the announcement tweet before the opening became a hot topic with adults who got drunk and played with children's playground equipment. -Togetter

◆ IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)

Trouble with Microsoft 'Outlook.com' Mainly North American users | NHK | IT / Internet

'Ready-to-use know-how' for programming beginners (40,000 characters)-Qiita

An introduction to Tetris made with Rust

That 3D printer cookie mold is illegal | ysk | note

Marriage partner's engineer challenges home servers, the third ``server rack relocation ceremony'' all the way through ``The server rack that sits in a Japanese-style room is amazing''-Togetter

◆ Anime, games, manga (subculture)
[Hand-painted] Suisei Lori Town who is too psychopath / Suisei Bab Town who wants to be a baby [Holo Live clipping / Suisei Hoshimachi]-Nico Nico Douga

Erotic Usagi Pekora who becomes excited by the sudden erotic doujin development - Nico Nico Douga

Go's Nakamura Sumire 3rd Dan, the youngest title in history 13 years and 11 months: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Go Nakamura Sumire 3rd Dan wins first women's title Youngest record 13 years and 11 months | NHK

I've been feeling perverted in the world's largest toilet [Kamino Tane]-Nico Nico Douga

Hiroe Koyori's Yoshi's Island - Nico Nico Douga

Saito Takao's Gekiga Senka Elementary Course | Saito Production Official Site

[Hardcore] Kazema Iroha finally cuts off on her 101st day in Minecraft - Nico Nico Douga

Zhou Sango who imitates Miss Salome-Nico Nico Douga

Shiranui flare that breaks the stomach with expired sashimi frozen one year ago-Nico Nico Douga

Carlo Pino's DEAD SPACE that you can understand in 2 minutes-Nico Nico Douga

Mokoda Mememe who makes listeners crazy and creates hell-Nico Nico Douga

Oura Takako and Kagura Suzu who create outrageous sandwiches at a picnic-Nico Nico Douga

Nintendo Switch, cumulative sales exceed 120 million units Game Boy | Mainichi Shimbun

Multi-talented Ken Akamatsu's personal computer game debut 'Paladin' - AKIBA PC Hotline!

◆ Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)
How does Japanese football look to British people? … Why does Sean Carroll keep chasing the J League [Soccer, sometimes rice]: J Theory Premium

'Nureev: Legend and Legacy' Trailer-YouTube

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
The popular flavor in 2022 is back for a limited time! 'Caramel Corn Pistachio Flavor' 'Caramel Corn Honey Butter Flavor' New Release for a Limited Time-News Release | East Hato

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