If you completely reproduce the NES version 'The Legend of Zelda' with Minecraft, it will be like this

One of the features of the sandbox type

game `` Minecraft '' is its high degree of freedom. And many Minecraft players enjoy various reproductions. In addition, Mr. C1OUS3R of YouTuber reproduced 'The Legend of Zelda ' released on NES (overseas version family computer) with Minecraft and released the video actually playing.

I Made The Legend of Zelda in Minecraft-YouTube

C1OUS3R, who started producing the Legend of Zelda within Minecraft, started by preparing the Legend of Zelda graphic.

Changing the graphics can be done relatively easily by using remodeling mods and

resource packs , but C1OUS3R wanted to avoid using unnecessary things as much as possible.

So C1OUS3R decided to directly modify the files that make up Minecraft.

As a result, Mr. C1OUS3R succeeds in bringing the graphics of the game much closer to the Legend of Zelda.

Next is map making.

Mr. C1OUS3R, who created a map with blocks, further used software called Blockbench to make the Minecraft blocks look more three-dimensional.

Once the map is complete, the next step is to create a link, which is the player's alter ego.

Mr. C1OUS3R devised it so that it looks like a 2D character from any angle by pasting a picture of a link on a plane that is combined at right angles as shown below.

Minecraft characters don't turn their bodies at right angles, but C1OUS3R pasted the link graphic on a '

hollowed pumpkin ' head item and then made the character transparent.

Then, the direction of movement of the character is detected and the link graphic is rotated. With this, the 2D link that looks like the direction of the body changes depending on the direction of movement, such as a back view when moving up and a profile view when moving sideways, is completed.

Furthermore, in order to make the character look like a link, it is necessary to seal 'jump' and 'dash' which are actions that are in Minecraft but not in the legend of Zelda.

Therefore, Mr. C1OUS3R gives the character a status effect that

increases jumping power . I solved it by taking advantage of the specification that makes it impossible to jump by increasing the jump power extremely.

To seal the dash, I used the

blindness status effect that prevents you from dashing. The screen becomes dark when you are in a blind state, but it seems that this is made invisible by editing the data file that darkens the screen in the above-mentioned way.

Next, Mr. C1OUS3R will start creating enemy characters.

The problem here is the implementation of a custom AI that moves around and attacks.

After hours of research, I found out that the people who make The Legend of Zelda with the Unity game engine reproduce the complex movements of enemy characters by generating random numbers. But Minecraft doesn't have the ability to generate random numbers.

Therefore, Mr. C1OUS3R prepared six types of

armor stands , one of which was randomly selected to reproduce the random movement of the enemy character.

In addition, the legend of Minecraft version Zelda was completed, including a mechanism to collect keys and get Triforce, and BGM provided by Mr.

NoteBlockMatt , an acquaintance of YouTuber.

Mr. C1OUS3R got acquaintances to play the completed Legend of Zelda, and it was very popular.

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