Elden Ring characters such as Witch Rani, Lord Gold Mask, Radern the Starbreaker, and more are lined up at Wonder Festival 2023 [Winter]


the Wonder Festival 2023 [Winter] held at Makuhari Messe on Sunday, February 12, 2023, various figures produced by individuals are sold and exhibited. Many character figures appearing in ' ELDEN RING ', which won the 'Game of the Year' awarded to the best title in 2022 at 'The Game Awards 2022' selected from game media around the world. was on display.

What was exhibited at G-Rug (5-01-13)'s booth was the star-crushing Ladarn that stands in front of the player in the middle of the story. The prototype is Harigiri / Souichi Harigori.

Ladarn loses his mind after being affected by Malenia's 'red rot'. The bristling hair on the whole body, the heavy armor, and even the cum are reproduced in detail.

Ladhan's face visible through a roaring lion-like helmet.

Zorayas (Raya), the mascot of the Volcano Museum, was also on display. Round eyes and long limbs are cute.

At the booth of Tameshi Higata (5-03-12), the witch Rani was on display. just like sitting on something

One of the two faces of the witch Rani is expressed with clear parts. And the other face appears to be slightly smiling.

four arms

Looking from the front like this. If the item 'small Rani' in the game actually existed, it might be like this.

In addition, on Tameshi Higata's Twitter, a photo of Peyang and Cup Noodle sitting on the lid was released.

At MIDORO (4-24-02)'s booth, Corruption Malenia was exhibited.

Malenia boasts one of the most difficult levels of Elden Ring, but the second stage, in which the armor is removed, is three-dimensional. His right arm is a prosthetic.

Malenia's prosthetic sword is a powerful sword that players can use as long as they defeat Malenia. The pattern engraved on the surface is also reproduced.

At the booth of

Acxyz Creativ (4-03-02), Marikes of the Black Sword was on display. The prototype is Tomoya Ayaki .

Looking at the profile, it looks like he is clenching his teeth and has an anguished expression.

Anyway, a black sword for wielding an insanely fast and heavy attack.

And at MIDORO's booth, there was also a statue of the spiritual master Rhoderica. The prototype is also Mr. Tomoya Ayaki.

Furthermore, the statue of Lord Kinkamen has such a strong impact that even visitors to the booth say, 'What is that!?' The sculptor is Tomoya Ayaki.

The shining gold mask is especially conspicuous among its extremely intense appearance.

Although it can be said that it is almost naked, the golden equipment that is slightly worn is also firmly modeled.

At the booth of

REFLECT (5-12-11) was Selene, a magician who is loved by players as a 'master'. The prototype is Mr. Mitsumasa Yoshizawa.

He is a master who teaches magic to faded people (players), and wears a mask called 'pyroxene head'.

The pyroxene on the zenith of this pyroxene head really shines. Certainly, when I looked at the photo taken in the dark, the pyroxene on my head was shining brightly.

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