Google employees are dissatisfied with the too hasty announcement of 'Bard'

On February 7, 2023, Google announced `` Bard '', a conversational AI service to compete with chat AI ChatGPT. Regarding this announcement, reports have revealed that there are critical voices within Google, such as `` it failed because it was too hasty ''.

Google employees slam CEO Sundar Pichai for 'rushed' Bard announcement

Some Googlers reportedly aren't happy about Bard's 'rushed' announcement - The Verge

Google's 'Bard' is a next-generation experimental conversational AI service based on ' LaMDA ', a conversation-specific AI announced by the company in 2021. You can find out what kind of interaction is possible by actually using Bard by reading the following article.

Google announces conversational AI ``Bard'' that rivals ChatGPT - GIGAZINE

CNBC reported that there were many critical opinions within Google about this Bard announcement. According to CNBC, on the internal forum `` Memegen '' used by Google employees, there are many critical voices about Bard's announcement, such as `` too quick '', `` failure '', and `` not like Google ''. Specifically, there are opinions such as ``the content of the presentation was thin'' and ``the speaker forgot his smartphone, which was necessary for the demonstration.''

In addition, it became clear that Bard had given an inaccurate answer at the announcement event, and the stock price of Alphabet, Google's parent company, fell by about 8%.

Google's chat AI ``Bard'' gave an inaccurate answer, causing Google's market value to drop by more than 15 trillion yen - GIGAZINE

On Memegen, Googlers often humorously tease the company's failures, but after Bard's announcement, he said, 'Dear Sundar Pichai CEO, Bard's announcement and layoffs were too hasty and failed. Too shortsighted.' It seems that many employees agreed with the post, ``Please regain the long-term outlook.''

Others commented that 'Thunder's leadership deserves 'Perf NI',' which gave him the lowest rating in Google's controversial employee rating system , and 'Google's leadership is ridiculously short-sighted.' So, it is very non-Google because it asks to `` sharpen concentration '', ''There seems to be a comment that Google-likeness has disappeared.

In addition, Google's announcement of Bar was too hasty, and said, ``By panicking and launching Bard into the market, the public was aware that we were afraid of CahtGPT.'' There is also a voice.

CNBC has asked Google for comments, but no response has been received at the time of writing the article.

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