To ease the restrictions Microsoft imposed on Bing AI, there is also a new feature that allows you to choose the 'tone' of the conversation

Microsoft has announced that it will relax the restrictions on Bing's AI chat function, 'up to 5 interactions in one session' and 'up to 50 interactions per day'. In the future, it will be possible to have 6 conversations per session, 60 conversations per day, and in the future, it will be possible to have 100 conversations every day.

The new Bing and Edge - Increasing Limits on Chat Sessions | Bing Search Blog

Microsoft Bing's AI chatbot, which incorporates OpenAI's large-scale language model, has been found to have a problem that ``when the chat session reaches 15 times or more, the operation becomes suddenly unstable''. In response to this, Microsoft announced that it would limit the number of interactions with Bing AI, but the user said, ``Bing AI has become an empty shell,'' and the performance of AI was limited. There were voices of regret.

Microsoft shuts down to Bing's AI, limits of 'up to 50 messages per day', 'up to 5 interactions in one conversation', and 'prohibition of questions about Bing AI itself' are applied-GIGAZINE

Under these circumstances, Microsoft updated its official blog on February 21, 2023, raising the limit on the number of chat sessions, allowing up to 6 interactions per session, and a total of 60 interactions per day. announced that it was

Regarding the reason for this response, Microsoft said, ``The restriction was in response to a handful of cases where long chat sessions disrupted the underlying model. In order to achieve more effective searches and conversations with the chat function, we would like you to be able to have long chats again.” I explained that I had made the move.

Also, until now, normal searches were also counted as conversations with Bing AI, but with this change, normal searches are no longer counted. In addition, Microsoft plans to increase the limit on the number of conversations per day from 60 to 100 in the near future, and also announced plans to start testing new features.

In its announcement, Microsoft added, 'We're adding options to choose the tone of your chat, with 'Precise' and 'Balanced' for shorter, more search-focused answers, and longer and more chatty. We are planning to start testing 'Creative' to get answers, which is aimed at giving customers more control over how chat behaves according to their needs.' .

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