The world of the science fiction movie 'Gattaca' over 25 years ago is becoming a reality

The movie ' Gattaca ' released in 1997 is a sci-fi work with a synopsis that 'In the near future where genetic technology has developed, the main character who was diagnosed as an 'unsuitable person' aims for space on behalf of a former swimmer.' . A paper was published in Nature Genetics stating that the ``problems related to genes and society'' posed by Gataka ``has something to do with the present, more than 25 years after the movie was released''.

GATTACA is still pertinent 25 years later | Nature Genetics

In Gattaka, ``genetic testing is carried out at birth, and health problems and estimated life expectancy are instantly revealed'', ``gene editing of fertilized eggs to produce highly capable children is common'', Genetic testing is incorporated into the recruitment test, and people who are judged to have excellent genes are hired.” “Those who are judged to be ``unqualified'' by genetic testing are discriminated against.” is drawn. The synopsis of the story is, 'The main character, who was judged as an 'unqualified person' the moment he was born, makes a contract with a 'top athlete who became paralyzed from the lower body in an accident' and pretends to be a 'qualified person' in order to fulfill his dream of traveling to space. The main character is hired by the space development company 'Gattaka' and is decided to participate in a space mission, but a murder occurs within the company...'. The contents of 'Gattaka' are also touched on in the trailer below.

The movie 'Gattaca' released in 1997 A masterpiece SF suspense that depicts the cruel future brought about by science. -YouTube

At the time of writing the article, research on genes was more advanced than when the movie was released, and it was pointed out that genes and the length of life are related . With the progress of genetic research, more and more people have the image that genes determine factors such as ``physical characteristics'', ``social status'', and ``healthy life expectancy''.

However, factors such as ``physical characteristics'', ``social status'', and ``healthy life expectancy'' are actually greatly influenced not only by genes but also by the environment people spend. In Gattaka as well, the main character, who was diagnosed as an 'inappropriate person', acquires advanced knowledge and high motor skills, while the 'suitable person' who has excellent genes becomes paralyzed due to an accident. will be drawn. In other words, the movie released 25 years ago already warned that ``the idea that everything is determined by genes is a mistake''.

In the play 'Gattaka', it is said that ``a person who grew up as a swimmer with excellent genes but failed to win a gold medal'' attempted suicide. This scene evokes the confusion caused by 'imposition of expected results by genes' in 'the present age when prenatal and postnatal gene editing has been realized'.

Also, in the play, a scene is drawn in which ``the police collect people's eyelashes and blood and compare them with genetic information''. This scene shows that 'the police are grasping the genetic information of all citizens'. In the United States, a court in 2013 ruled that the collection of genetic information by the police was legal. It is occurring.”

As mentioned above, Gataka has a theme that is still relevant at the time of writing the article in 2023. Gattaka's Blu-rays and DVDs are available on, so please check them out if you're interested.

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