Microsoft announces that the number of active users per day of Bing has exceeded 100 million

In February 2023, Microsoft announced that it would integrate the GPT model, a large-scale language model of OpenAI, into the search engine Bing and the web browser Edge. As a result of this announcement attracting attention from all over the world, Microsoft announced that the number of active users of Bing per day exceeded 100 million people.

The New Bing and Edge – Progress from Our First Month | Bing Search Blog

On February 7, 2023, Microsoft released the new AI-integrated Bing and Edge. The AI powered by this new Bing is an AI model 'Prometheus' that combines Bing's search performance and OpenAI's GPT model, leveraging the power of Bing and GPT to provide accurate and rich answers to user queries. We aim to provide the as quickly as possible.

Microsoft announces new search engine Bing and browser Edge integrating ChatGPT's upgraded AI - GIGAZINE

In conventional search engines, it was necessary to narrow down the search results by entering multiple keywords, but with the new Bing, if you enter a sentence like posting what you want to search in a chat, AI responds to it in a natural way like a human being. It is an epoch-making point that you can answer in writing.

The new Bing preview will be accessible to users who apply. There are millions of active users per day in this preview, and about one-third of them are users who use Bing for the first time. In addition, Bing's smartphone app reportedly saw a six-fold increase in daily active users following the release of the new Bing.

According to Microsoft, since the new Bing preview began, there have been an average of about 3 chats per session, for a total of more than 45 million chats. Also, about 15% of chat sessions are people who use Bing to generate new content, and Microsoft says, 'We and Bing have expanded web search into creative things.'

In addition, Microsoft said, ``We have the view that web search is about to be reinvented, and the appeal of the new Bing is that it integrates search + answer + chat + creation into one experience. I think it validates the value proposition of

Also, not only is the number of new users increasing, but engagement is also increasing as many people do more searches every day. Microsoft says the introduction of the Prometheus model has significantly improved the relevance of web search rankings, making Bing's search quality an all-time high.

“After several years of steady progress, we are pleased to announce that Bing now has over 100 million daily active users, partly due to over 1 million new Bing preview users. Although it is a surprisingly noteworthy number, we are fully aware that Bing is still a small presence with only a few percent of the market share.'

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