Google's interactive AI Bard says 'Bard is over', and the source is the text output by ChatGPT

When I asked Google's interactive AI '

Bard ', which is attracting attention as a rival of ChatGPT, when the Bard service will end, Bard answered, 'It's already finished.' Reported. According to the information source Bard indicated, the sentence Bard referred to was generated by ChatGPT, so the cycle of `` AI reproduces the sentence referring to the sentence generated by AI '' has already occurred It became clear that there is a high possibility that

Google releases Bard to a limited number of users in the US and UK | Hacker News

Google released Bard for users in the US and UK on March 21, 2023. At the time of article creation, Bard can only be used by users selected from the waiting list.

Juan Buis, a freelance writer who accessed Bard, immediately asked Bard, 'When will Google Bard end?' This seems to be an ironic question about Google launching and

shutting down new services in rapid succession.

And Bard's answer to this question is 'Google Bard has already ended. It ended on March 21, 2023, less than half a year after its launch. We have stated that we will continue to search for ways to enhance creative expression using AI.'

Bard notes the source if he quotes directly from any news article. The source of information Bard indicated in this answer was a comment posted in a thread on Hacker News, a social news site that talked about Bard's release, predicting that ``Google Bard will end in a year.'' bottom. The date and time of posting this comment was six hours before Mr. Buis's question.

And in the above comment, a user who had ChatGPT output about the termination of Bard said to ChatGPT, ``Google recently announced that it will terminate Google Bard, a new text creation tool that utilizes AI, less than half a year after its launch. The tool, which uses natural language processing to help users write poetry and lyrics, has been controversial and hasn't found much support among users, Google said in a statement. The reason for the termination was that it did not spread, and we have announced that we will continue to explore ways to enhance creative expression using AI.' Especially since the second half of the sentence is the same word for word, it can be seen that this ChatGPT answer was actually quoted by Bard.

It is not possible to confirm whether the comment Bard referred to was really made by ChatGPT, but when I checked it with `

` AI Text Classifier '' and ``GPTZero '' that discriminate sentences generated by AI, it is highly likely that it was made by AI ” was determined.

The incident, in which Bard read an AI-generated sentence and mistakenly thought he was already terminated, excited Hacker News users, saying, 'Congratulations! With this exact text, Bard has really terminated the service. The thread was full of comments such as, 'This comment has reached the realm of legend. It's just as fun as being inducted into the Hall of Fame.' On the other hand, ``The really amazing thing is that Bard learned something new within 6 hours,'' commenting that Bard searched for information on the Internet in almost real time and showed the results. Some people posted

In addition, when Mr. Buis asked further about the reason why Google terminated Bard, Bard was `` lacking innovation '' `` lack of resources due to soaring maintenance costs and sluggish profits '' `` competition with other products 'And so on, and analyzed that Bard was terminated, 'Whatever the reason, it is clear that Google Bard was not a successful product. Let's do it,' he concluded.

In an announcement about Bard's disclosure, Google emphasized that Bard often gives incorrect answers, saying, ``While confidently answering, they may provide inaccurate and misleading answers, or provide false information.'' Bard's wrong answer, which became a hot topic this time, can be said to be an example.

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