Google's Sundar Pichai CEO clearly states that there is a plan to install chat AI in Google search

Microsoft has integrated interactive AI into the search engine Bing, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes that ' AI can break Google search .' Meanwhile, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai revealed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, an economic newspaper, that he plans to install chat AI in Google search.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Search to Include Chat AI - WSJ

Google will integrate Chat AI into search

Google plans to add AI tools to its search engine | ZDNET

Microsoft, which has invested in OpenAI, an AI research group that developed ChatGPT, will release a new version of Bing, a search engine that incorporates AI, in February 2023, trying to break Google's dominant position in search engine share. I am trying. According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft expects to increase revenue by $2 billion (about 260 billion yen) for every 1 percentage point increase in search market share.

On the other hand, Google also announced a conversational AI `` Bard '' that will be a rival to ChatGPT in February, but Bard was not integrated into the search engine at the time of writing the article, and inaccurate answers were seen even in demonstrations. It has been reported that

Google's chat AI ``Bard'' gave an inaccurate answer, causing Google's market value to drop by more than 15 trillion yen - GIGAZINE

Google's parent company, Alphabet, laid off 12,000 people, or 6% of all employees, in January, and Google has continued to spend in various areas, including the computer infrastructure needed to develop AI algorithms. We are working on reducing it. However, despite cost reductions, Google is pushing its AI efforts forward.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Pichai said, ``The opportunity for AI is, if anything, greater than before. Will it be possible? Of course it is,' he said, revealing that he plans to make it possible to interact with a large language model in Google search.

Pichai said Google is testing several new search products, including tools that let users ask follow-up questions to their original queries. The Wall Street Journal said, ``This move may undermine the link-based experience that has been mainstream for more than 20 years,'' and Google search's AI integration will make a big difference to the search engine. I point out that it can lead to

Google has been cautious about the rapid progress of AI technology so far, and the announcement of Bard has been criticized from within the company, saying, ``It failed because it was too hasty'' and ``It's not like Google.'' I was.

Google employees are dissatisfied with the too hasty announcement of 'Bard' - GIGAZINE

Mr. Pichai replied that the reason why Google has not released a chatbot so far is because it could not find a suitable market. He added, ``It was incredible and pleasantly surprising to see the excitement of users adopting these technologies.'' ``We were iterating to ship something. But given the state of the industry, the timeline may have changed.'

Google Brain and DeepMind , Google's main AI units, will work more closely together in building large-scale algorithms to continue AI efforts while controlling costs. ``Some of these efforts are computationally intensive, and it makes sense to work together on a scale,'' Pichai said.

Pichai didn't say when Bard would be available without a waiting list, but said, 'There are many options for AI. This technology will be more accessible than people think.' He said that in the future, users will be able to run algorithms on their personal devices.

In addition, Mr. Pichai answered an interview on the New York Times podcast on March 31 and said that he plans to upgrade the language model `` LaMDA '' that is the basis of Bard to a higher-performance `` PaLM '' model. .

Google's CEO said, 'We will update the conversational AI Bard in the near future,' and the possibility that Google Assistant and Bard will be integrated - GIGAZINE

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