Why are modern movies so dark?

When watching movies in recent years, there should be many people who feel that the screen is too dark compared to old movies. Video artist AB Allen explains why the `` screen is too dark '' in modern movies.

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Many people have the impression that the screen is too dark in recent movies, and the following tweet asking, ``Why are recent movies so dark?'' received more than 300,000 likes. Collecting.

In addition, users who watched the trailer of the live-action movie 'Peter Pan & Wendy' scheduled to start distribution on April 28, 2023 have pointed out that 'there are too many dark scenes.'

As for the reason why movie screens are dark in recent years, there is an active discussion about shooting technology, such as ` `Because the shooting method changes between analog cameras and digital cameras, '' but Allen said, ``Tools are just tools.'' He points out that regardless of the shooting technique, the director and the colorist in charge of color adjustment of the movie create a dark screen as part of the expression technique.

In movies around the 1990s, even dark night scenes were often depicted brightly. For example, in one scene of the horror movie `` Scream '' released in 1996, ``inside the room at night without lights'' is brightly depicted. If you look closely at the scene, it looks like the light is coming in from outside the window, but it's too bright for moonlight, so it's not a realistic depiction. However, with this brightness, the faces of the characters are reflected, and the audience succeeds in reading their emotions. In other words, this unnatural brightness is what the director and colorist intended.

In the 2000s, the technique of depicting shadows using directional lights instead of brightly illuminating the entire scene became widely used. And in the 2010s, the tendency to emphasize 'natural lighting' increased. For example, if you check one scene of '

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 1 ' released in 2010, you can see that the entire screen is very dark.

Also, in `` Revenant: The Resurrected Person '' released in 2016, almost no lighting fixtures were used to stick to realistic light sources, and the full story was shot using the light of the sun and flames. Allen points out that many filmmakers aspired to similar methods due to the success of 'Revenant: The Resurrected One'.

According to Allen, many filmmakers use 'natural lighting' to evoke audience sympathy. However, in night scenes, etc., the commitment to 'natural lighting' backfires and it is too dark.

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