The making of the title logo, costume and stage design for 'Gasya de~su!!'

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Gasya de~su!! ', which depicts the struggle and growth of a rookie gas girl, Kiyu, who joined a gas company as a new graduate, I worked on the title logo and costume design of the work before the production of the first episode. We will deliver the making of how the design that colors the work was produced, with the author's commentary.

You can read the first episode by clicking the image below.

Read Episode 1, 'I'm Kayo Kiyu, a newcomer to the gas store!'

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The title logo of 'Gasya de~su!!' was created by the author, Higoto Mainichi. Mainichi: “In the first title logo I made, I thought it would be nice to have a clear color, so I put orange shadows in the black letters.

The original logo was used when applying for

the GIGAZINE Manga Award . The image below is the first page of the manuscript at the time of application.

The following second draft was created based on the original draft. In addition to the colorful image based on red and green, the letters are also made into a round font overall. In addition, a device has been added to express the dakuten part of 'gas' and 'desu' with 'stove flame'. Every day, 'Gasya's company name and event logo tend to use warmth and roundness, eco-friendly vitamin colors, and the blue fire color of gas when there is no image color unique to the area. just made it'

Every day, 'I thought that a logo with only letters would be confusing in a full-color manga, so I put an earth color in the background of the letters and surrounded them.

In the final completed logo, the company that will be the stage is 'Hoshimi Life Equipment', so the dot in the exclamation part of 'De~su!!' has become a star mark.

Next, the main costumes for the characters, the 'Gasman's uniform' were designed. Below is the initial design of the main character, Kayo Kiyu. The company uniform is worn from the top, and under it there are some restrictions, but it seems that it changes depending on the day.

Regarding the uniform, color was carefully considered because it ``accounts for a large proportion of the color manuscript''.

By reflecting the color on the actual page, we are comparing and examining how it looks. Mainichi: “When considering the color of the uniform, we first wanted the company name logo to be yellow, which is associated with the star. I thought about it.When I compared the page where the uniform occupied a wide area of the page, I felt that the green of 4 and the blue of 7 were good.'

The image below is a drawing of the 1st page of the 1st episode created during the color review in a different color. We judge the actual appearance by reflecting it concretely.

When considering the uniform design, a 'company logo' was also created for the uniform.

The finally decided uniform color looks like the image below. Mainichi: “When another gas company appears in the story, I wanted to use solid colors such as moss green and navy blue so that it would be easily recognizable. ”

In addition, a light and cool 'summer uniform' was also prepared for the uniform design. It will appear in future episodes, so please look forward to it.

Also, if you spend a certain amount of time creating an overview or a sketch of the stage that you use frequently, you will be able to understand where things are placed and who is where, and the subsequent work will be smoother. Become. Below is a special illustration of the inside of the office that I often draw in the work. Every day, 'I made a clean copy of the graffiti I was drawing for a change of pace, keeping in mind the stage setting. I strongly highlight the characters in order to distinguish between the characters and the background.'

You can read 'Gas shop !!' from the following page. In addition to your impressions of the manga, if

you have any opinions or requests such as 'I want to see this kind of making-up!'

[Free manga] 'It's a gas shop!' Episode 1 'I'm a newcomer to the gas shop, Kayo Kiyu!'-GIGAZINE

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