Christopher Nolan's work 'Oppenheimer' trailer that finally appears that Einstein is on sale

A new trailer for the biographical movie `` Oppenheimer '' directed by Christopher Nolan, known for ``

Inception '', `` Dark Knight '', `` Dunkirk '' and `` TENET Tenet '' has been released. A work depicting the life of Robert Oppenheimer, who led the Manhattan Project during World War II and was involved in the development of the atomic bomb , Albert Einstein, who plays Tom Conti, has also appeared in the new trailer.

Oppenheimer | New Trailer-YouTube

Oppenheimer brought by government officials (act: Cillian Murphy )

What I saw there was

Chicago Pile 1 , the world's first nuclear reactor to reach criticality.

Manhattan Project in progress

Alamogordo desert firing range closed

Oppenheimer driving with his family as a husband or father.

As a researcher, I will be involved in the development of an atomic bomb at a research facility.

An old man he meets by the pond drops his hat.

That old man is Dr. Einstein, and he is also the person who triggered the start of the Manhattan Project.

Retract the silver tube slowly and carefully into the bomb.

detonation switch

``Will the world die if you press that button?'

' Leslie Groves (act: Matt Damon ), who directed the Manhattan Project on the Army side

'The chances are 'almost' zero.'

A tremendous light shines on Oppenheimer looking at the window with light-shielding glasses.

experimental atomic bomb

Oppenheimer looking up at the atomic bomb.

It is my wife Catherine Oppenheimer (act:

Emily Brandt ) who calls out, 'Something happened.'

People lying on the ground at the firing range

Crowds cheering with the Stars and Stripes

Behind it was a huge atomic bomb.

Two atomic bombs will be carried out somewhere.

Oppenheimer staring at it

A timer ticking on the radio

The hand reaching for the detonation switch button is trembling.

'Oppenheimer' will be released in the United States on July 21, 2023. At the time of writing the article, the release date in Japan has not been clarified.

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