The original author, Madara Ushi talks about how the animation ``Crazy Mountains Naked Peak'' depicting the appearance of climbers challenging the unexplored world's highest peak ``Crazy Mountains'' found in Antarctica is made

The production project of the anime 'Crazy Mountains

Naked Peak' based on the TPRG 'Crazy Mountains-Mountain Ridge of the Evil God', which combines Cthulhu mythology and mountain climbing, is underway. When part of the production fund was collected by crowdfunding, more than 100 million yen was collected against the target of 8 million yen, and a pilot film was made. At Machi Asobi vol.26, Mr. Madaraushi , who is the original author and is promoting the animation project himself, held a talk event in front of a large audience.

Anime movie 'Madness Mountains Naked Peak' official website

The venue is ufotable CINEMA Theater 1, and the seats are full. Participants were selected by lottery.

First of all, the production documentary and the pilot film were screened. This content can be viewed on YouTube.

[Distribution Archive] ``Crazy Mountains Naked Peak'' Pilot Film & Production Documentary-YouTube

After the screening, Mr. Madaraushi talked about everything from the planning process to the latest progress.

The original origin is the fictitious mythology 'Cthulhu Mythos' created by H. P. Lovecraft. One of them is 'At the Madness Mountains', an unexplored peak over 10,000 meters above sea level found in the deepest part of Antarctica in the 1930s.

Mr. Madaraushi created a TRPG scenario, ``What kind of story will be developed if the Mad Mountains are found again in the present age?''

Cthulhu myth TRPG of climbers - YouTube

This project is to make this TRPG scenario into an animated movie. However, Madaraushi himself cannot produce animation by himself, so he decided to make a pilot film as the first step. The plan around here is shown in a diagram likened to mountain climbing.

In producing the pilot film, Mr. Madaraushi thought that if he put out all the assets that could be invested and added the support money, he would be able to reach the completion first, so he carried out crowdfunding with the goal of 8 million yen.

However, when the lid was opened, far from exceeding the target of 8 million yen, in the end there were 11,862 supporters and the total amount of support was 119,301,191 yen.

Crazy Mountains Animation Movie Project - CAMPFIRE

With so much support gathered, Mr. Madaraushi is worried that 'the hurdles will be raised and we will not be able to produce something half-baked ...'.

Also, it was a difficult point that the situation in the animation industry was not that ``if you have money, you can animate''. It seems that there were people in the anime industry who were thinking about adapting TRPG into an anime, and with the rise of crowdfunding, there were a number of companies asking if they would like to do it at their house. I want you to wait three years until the line becomes available.'

The fact that it took three years to start the pilot film while collecting a large amount of money through crowdfunding means that the people who supported it had to wait, and at the same time, it would take even more time to produce the main story. That means. Mr. Ushi Madara, who thought that ``this is impossible with a straight attack,'' met the director Yusaku Kumagai, who belongs to

Sterotype .

STEROTYPE is a company that specializes in short videos such as MVs, PVs, and commercials, and their style is to use animation in it. A high quality pilot film was completed on time.

However, in the future, when it comes to producing the main part of the animation movie, it is said that there is a shortage of manpower to do it with only the members as it is, and they do not have the know-how of animation movies. ding is taking place.

It seems that opinions were divided among the members as to whether or not to carry out the second round, and even though Madaraushi received a large amount of support in the first round of crowdfunding, it was not possible to produce the main story. He said that he felt However, without stopping until the production line can be secured, we proceed with the parts that can be done even with a small number of people, such as ``finishing the settings'', ``finishing the script'', ``deciding the composition'', and ``advancing the storyboards''. It is decided that it will be implemented by asking for immediate support to proceed at once when it is decided.

Crowdfunding, which was carried out with the goal of 80 million yen, 10 times the first time, 'if we can manage to collect during the whole period', exceeded the target amount again in 2 days. Towards the deadline of May 14, 2023 (Sunday), at the time of article publication, the number of supporters was over 13,000, and the support amount was over 150 million yen.

Movie 'Madness Mountains Naked Peak' main production project - CAMPFIRE (campfire)

Mr. Madara cow explaining the timeline about 'what has been done so far'. Animation production was decided to be done together with Sterotype, and actual production began in April 2022.

As mentioned in the production documentary, one of the reasons for the animation is that there are not many full-scale mountaineering and climbing animations. Just recently, in 2021, the best-selling novel by Baku Yumemakura was turned into a manga by Jiro Taniguchi, known for 'Kodoku no Gourmet'. When it comes to anime-style characters and anime-like expressions, it's hard to find.

7/8 (Friday) Nationwide release ``Kamigami no Yamane'' book notice-YouTube

For this reason, there was nothing to refer to, whether it was how to make it or the surface of the picture, and I didn't know the correct answer about what was necessary and how to make this movie. , What will be necessary?”

Among them was the 'Crazy Mountains Uplift Conference'.

Since TRPGs progress while players talk to each other, each player imagines what kind of scene is spreading in front of them according to the words of the game master. However, in order to give shape to the images that were spreading in my brain, I needed a proper common understanding. The 'Madness Mountains Uplift Conference' is a place to work out what kind of mountain it is and make it into a three-dimensional model.

A topographical map of Antarctica under the ice was used as a base. The novel 'At the Mountains of Madness' was written in the 1930s when there were still many unknown parts of Antarctica, but the coordinates where it says 'a mountain range was found around here in Antarctica' are

the Gamburtsev Mountains . It seems that there was

With this, the production team asked geological researcher Ken Yamaoka to conduct a survey on Antarctica. As a result, if all the ice in Antarctica disappears and the Gamburtsev Mountains emerge, they have the geological potential to become over 10,000 meters high, as depicted in The Mad Mountains. I understand. Therefore, the Mad Mountains depicted in the work pursued reality as much as possible, and based on the topographical map of Antarctica, it was decided to create a three-dimensional model after repeated consideration.

Madaraushi's dream was to set the summit of the Madness Mountains at Dome Argus , the highest point of Antarctica's glacier. He said he wants to do it. The average local temperature ranges from -50°C to -60°C.

In addition to the 'Madness Mountain Uplift Conference', as a preliminary preparation from January to March, material video shooting of ice climbing that will definitely appear in the work was done. This is due to the idea that ice climbing movements should not have been animated, and there should be no animators who can draw, so let's take a video that can only be taken during winter.

The person in charge of climbing was

Nae Yagi , a professional ice climber who sometimes represents Japan in world competitions. The video was shot at the artificial ice waterfall created during the winter at Akadake Mineral Spring .

In addition, we also took pictures of climbing materials that are not ice walls. Madaraushi himself climbs mountains, and most of the climbing scenes in video works are wrong, and everyone says, ``If you do it that way, you will die.'' Let's make something that doesn't exist.' In fact, when Yuji Hirayama, one of Japan's leading climbers, saw it, he said, ``This is amazing.

In terms of animation production, Mr. Madaraushi is not a professional and cannot draw by himself, so he entrusted the layout, drawing, animation, art, and colors to professionals, and worked closely with Director Kumagai to finalize the storyboards. It seems that he said.

The trouble was around the sound while the production was somehow progressing under a strict schedule. The pilot film has almost no sound effects, just a few at the beginning and end. Among them is the sound of 'remove the equipment and drop it on the ground', but when I tried adding sound to the picture that came up, it didn't sound like it at all. After trying various things such as sound, in the beginning of 2023, Mr. Madaraushi decided to actually record the sound in the mountains by calling out to Mr. Yamaya who supervised the mountain and the sound system.

By recording in that way, the sound was finally OK, and the pilot film was completed after shooting. Since it was made with the support of crowdfunding for production, I would like the people who supported me to see it above all, but in reality, it is impossible to invite all the supporters to the movie theater. For this reason, the work is basically published on YouTube.

When publishing on YouTube, it is thought that most of the viewing environment of the audience will be on smartphones, so the layout was designed to be powerful even when viewed on a smartphone, and the sound matching was also audible when viewed with Bluetooth earphones. It was said that they were making adjustments so that they would not.

In addition, the outdoor brand '

SIX SUMMITS ' that appears in the movie has also appeared in reality. This name is 'Seven Summits', which indicates the highest peaks on the seven continents, while in the world in which the Antarctic Mad Mountains are still unknown, the term 'Six Summits' is used to indicate the highest peaks on the six continents. from the setting.

In the real world, the ``crazy mountain range'' is a story aiming to climb an unknown unexplored peak, so it is said that members of SIX SUMMITS have really climbed the unexplored peak of the Nepal Himalayas, Saura Himal. In addition, real gear is also made, supervised by Gihad Kadota, a professional ice climber who is the older brother of voice actor Ai Fairouz. It was said that about four more such attempts were planned before the main release.

In addition to the talk event, a pilot version production material exhibition was also held using the exhibition space on the 2nd floor of the Awa Bank Head Office Sales Department.

All items, including original drawings, were free to shoot.

Detailed instructions are written.

Scene photos of what actually happened in this scene were also exhibited, so I was able to compare.

A diorama placed with a bang

This is the 'madness mountain range (jet black part) three-dimensional model'. It was created by

Ryu Oyama , a famous sculptor, using resin clay and sculpey. In addition, it is said in the production documentary that the steep mountain shape was decided to be 'Godzilla-like'.

'Old things' by Mr. Oyama. Two decoration masters were created by coloring the duplicate prototype, and one was a crowdfunding return item.

Climbing gear used at the production site, most of them are personal belongings of Madara cow.

The TPRG includes a collection of setting materials, a refined version of the anime's original 'Crazy Mountains ~Evil God's Mountain Ridge', and a sequel scenario 'Seeking an unknown mountain peak in a dream' that can only be challenged by explorers who have climbed the crazy mountains. The scenario book 'To the peak of madness' was also exhibited.

The scenario book can be downloaded for free at BOOTH.

'To the Peak of Madness' Cthulhu Mythos TRPG Scenario Book - FORESTLIMIT Publishing - BOOTH

Crowdfunding for the main production of the anime movie 'Madness Mountains Naked Peak' is being accepted until May 14, 2023 (Sunday). Plans with remaining balances are as follows.

500 yen: No return item
2228 yen: 1 Osco Foundation membership card (same item as the first crowdfunding return)
2568 yen: Pilot film pamphlet and 2 types of goods (key visual postcard, logo sticker)
2614 yen: Climbing Commemorative Badge “Crazy Mountains” Version
2745 yen: SNS-style acrylic key chain with a picture of Cozy Oscoe
3190 yen: 1 set material collection β (same item as the first crowdfunding return)
3776 yen: A2 size key visual poster signed by Madara Ushi
4401 yen: Special 'picture book'
6235 yen: Set of 1 climbing carabiner 'with ring' type and 'wire gate' type (6 colors to choose from)
6740 yen: Pilot film production record book
8611 yen: Pilot DVD (not for sale) (same item as the first crowdfunding return)
11,862 yen: undisclosed video DL card
21,230 yen: Credit the name to the movie main end roll
34,000 yen: Mountain three-dimensional model kit '

Yamatsumi ' crazy mountain range collaboration model
35,765 yen: Climbing carabiner 'with ring' type and 'wire gate' type all 6 color set

Movie 'Madness Mountains Naked Peak' main production project - CAMPFIRE (campfire)

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