What does it take to succeed in the game of life?

There should be many people who want to lead to the best possible result when playing the game. It's the same in life, and programmer and author

Oliver Emberton explains how to make life a game and live a better life.

Life is a game. This is your strategy guide

Mr. Emberton said, ``Life is a game where strategy is important.There are many fun mini-games such as dancing, running, and driving, but the key to success in the game of life is 'managing resources.' It is.'

◆ Childhood
According to Mr. Emberton, the game of life starts with a random character and birth situation assigned. The first 15 years or so are just tutorials and cannot be skipped.

You have a lot of time and energy when you're young, so it's time to level up your skills. It is important to consider the merits and demerits of actions and select the most effective task. In the example below, learning programming can acquire `` coding skills '', `` career prospects '', and `` logical thinking '', while drinking alcohol `` harms health '' `` loses energy '' `` wastes money '' There are disadvantages such as

``This may sound simple, but you can't always tell exactly which task to choose,'' Emberton said. hm,” he said.

In order to take action such as 'going to the gym and exercising', 'power of will' to move your body is important. It takes a lot of willpower to make an unattractive choice like “exercise instead of watching TV”. Also, in order to continue to perform tasks, Mr. Emberton said, `` Eliminate stress such as hunger and fatigue as much as possible '' `` Divide heavy tasks into multiple days instead of trying to accomplish them in one day '' `` The most important task is first It recommends that you keep things that distract you, such as computers and smartphones, away from you.

An important part of playing the game of life, Emberton says, is to balance task priorities with health, energy and willpower.

In adolescence, you need to dedicate time to maintaining good health, such as eating and sleeping, in order to increase your willpower. And you need to develop your own skills within the resources and time you have left. ``Learning computer skills'' can affect later life in the form of ``become a programmer'', ``become a Facebook developer'', and ``become a millionaire''.

On the other hand, 'jumping with a balance ball using your knees' does not affect your life much later. Choosing the right task at the right time is important in the game of life.

Also, the combination of each skill is the most effective. People with skills such as 'business skills', 'trust', and 'learning psychology' will open the way to entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, it is thought that a person who has learned 'cooking skills', 'dance skills', and 'psychology' can meet a good partner.

The living environment has a great influence on the possibility of skill level up in life. ``You can play the game of life just fine almost anywhere on the planet, but if you're a woman and you're in a country where women's rights are being abused, you won't be able to unlock many achievements,'' Emberton said. increase. Furthermore, ``There is almost no chance that anyone will be born in the best place for themselves, so it is important to migrate or move early when it turns out that it is not the best place.''

To find a partner in the game of life, it is important to make yourself attractive. A healthy body and mind are directly linked to your attractiveness. Getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet can help improve your attractiveness. Also, since breaking up with a partner is nothing special, it is important to treat it as a learning opportunity and not let it negatively impact your psyche and way of thinking. In addition, it is important to actively participate in social events and put yourself in situations where you can have new experiences and meet new people.

Most of life requires management of the resource 'money'. Managing your money requires a variety of strategies to suit your financial goals and risks. The key to managing your money is living within your means, saving as little as you can, and preparing for future contingencies. Also, to be financially stable, you need to choose your career and environment carefully. In order to grow in the field you are good at, it is important to actively change jobs. In addition, it is often said that starting an individual business independently from a company will lead to a large income. Becoming independent takes a lot of effort and time, but it is important to become financially independent.

Still, there are cases of borrowing money in the game of life. In doing so, you should limit yourself to investments that will lead to future earnings, such as education loans and mortgages. Avoid borrowing or overspending on things of little long-term value, Emberton said.

◆Middle age to old age
As the game of life progresses and moves toward the second half of life, there may be elements of marriage and parenting. These greatly reduce the time and energy available for personal growth and can make self-development difficult when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

But as we get older, we usually have many skills, resources, and experiences that allow us to achieve creative accomplishments, such as owning a home or writing a good novel, that were inaccessible to us when we were younger. You can take on new quests and opportunities.

Still, every player in the game dies, on average, about 29,000 days (about 80 years). You can extend your lifespan a little by getting better stats and skills in-game, but there are no cheat codes, so you can't live forever. As a result, later in life you will have to face different choices and consequences, including when you die.

Emberton concludes by saying, ``It's important to make choices and take necessary strategies throughout the game of life, but time is finite and flies. The best parts of life are already over. It's important to make the most of the opportunities presented to you before you realize that

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