Complementing the jacket of the masterpiece with Photoshop's 'generative fill' will spread the spectacle that 'will it come?'


Generative fill '' announced by Adobe on May 23, 2023 is a new feature of Photoshop that allows AI to generate the continuation of an existing image. The result of drawing the continuation of the jacket of famous albums such as Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' using such a generative fill is posted on Twitter.

Twitter user Lorenzo Green, who used generative fill to process a photo of the Pope and reproduce the entire upper body from one eye, next followed Michael Jackson's ' Thriller ' jacket. I decided to print it. The results can be seen below.

Center the jacket first, then select the rest of the white space and run generative fill. This animation starts from the start of generation, so it is unknown whether you entered the prompt or generated blank.

Then, Michael Jackson, lying on the piano, appeared. The background colors are different, and there are some strange details in the keyboard and other parts, but the atmosphere matches well and the finish looks very typical.

In Adele's ' 21 ', purple smoke and an ashtray-like object were added. The idea of making a face photo with a somewhat melancholy expression touching his hair look like he's holding a cigarette between his fingers and resting on his cheeks is a good idea.

Travis Scott's ' Astroworld ' is a hip-hop scene in the distance.

In Nirvana's ' Nevermind ,' which became a hot topic even when the baby in the cover photo sued a record company for child pornography, a shark appeared behind the baby.

The Beatles' 12th album ' Abbey Road ' is an artistic finish with the universe as the background. A yellow submarine has also been added, probably in consideration of the 11th work 'Yellow Submarine'.

Bruce Springsteen's ' Born in the USA ' sounds like this. The design incorporates the red and white stripes in the background as part of the Stars and Stripes. However, I also feel that the number of stars is a little too many.

In Metallica's ' Metal Master ', a cemetery lined with white crosses has been turned into a cake.

Katy Perry's ' Teenage Dream ' has become a photograph buried in the fur of a giant cat, a sight that any teen, let alone a cat lover, would dream of.

The Clash's ' London Calling ' is impressive with a place that seems to be a back street in London and a black cat crossing the road.

The Weeknd's ' After Hours ' is just a picture of a drunk, thanks to the interpretation of the red liquid dripping from the mouth as wine.

Inspired by Greene's ideas, others have added generative fills to their jackets, including one that makes David Bowie's ' Heroes ' sexier. there was.

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