``The display of angry and hostile tweets has increased since Elon Mask changed the Twitter algorithm,'' researchers announced

Since Elon Musk

became CEO of Twitter in November 2022, Twitter's algorithm has changed, and tweets that amplify anger and hostility in content displayed on the 'For You' timeline It has been reported by a research team at Cornell University and the University of California, Berkeley, that the number of displayed is increasing.

[2305.16941] Twitter's Algorithm: Amplifying Anger, Animosity, and Affective Polarization

Elon Musk's Twitter algorithm changes are 'amplifying anger and animosity', say researchers | Evening Standard


In February 2023, the research team compared the content displayed on the 'Recommended' timeline to the conventional timeline displayed in chronological order for 806 Twitter users.

As a result of the research, the research team found that the tweets displayed to users in the 'recommended' timeline particularly emphasized 'emotional content', and even if it was not originally intended to provoke a reaction, it resulted in the user's reaction. It became clear that the emotional response was stronger than ever.

The research team said, ``Twitter's algorithm amplifies tweets that express strong emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness, and anxiety. Also, Twitter users seem to have increased emotional reactions and feel particularly angry after reading tweets displayed by this algorithm.'

Political tweets displayed by Twitter's algorithm are also more likely to change users' behavior and thoughts. According to the research team, there is a possibility that behavior such as having negative opinions against groups with conflicting opinions may increase. The research team said, ``By viewing tweets selected by these algorithms, users will perceive the political groups they support more positively and the groups they do not support more negatively. It can lead to emotional polarization.'

In addition, many users who browse the 'recommended' timeline curated by Twitter's algorithm will follow specific recommended accounts that match their beliefs and creeds, and will be able to see similar accounts on their timeline. Content was displayed, suggesting enhanced echo chamber phenomena as a result.

On the other hand, content creator Marvin Winkelman said, ``Participating in debate is an essential part of being human, and controversial topics are much more likely than unanimous topics. It tends to create a lot of interactions.'

Mr. Winkelman also said, ``Since Mr. Mask bought Twitter, Twitter's algorithm is thought to have been changed with the aim of activating discussion.Twitter's 'recommended' timeline displays many controversial topics. , No matter how positive the topic may be, various users will disagree and discuss it, and as a result, it may feel negative.'

In addition, in order to ensure the transparency of the algorithm, Twitter will open source the post selection algorithm of the 'recommended' timeline in March 2023.

Twitter open-sources and publishes the post selection algorithm of the 'recommended' timeline, anyone can download it-GIGAZINE

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