PDA over 20 years ago is used at the screening site of IMAX movie

The movie `` Oppenheimer '' directed by Christopher Nolan , which will be released from July 21, 2023 local time, has been shot on IMAX film without exception to Nolan's recent works. It is a hot topic that Palm's PDA emulator released more than 20 years ago is reflected in the video taken at the scene.

Here's why 70mm IMAX movies like Oppenheimer need a Palm Pilot to work - The Verge

The image of the problem is kore. The 70 mm film print of the movie 'Oppenheimer' is a video that appeals that it is 11 miles (about 17 km) in length and weighs 600 pounds (about 272 kg).

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My eyes go to the huge film reel, but the PDA emulator is reflected in the screen of the tablet fixed to the left pillar.

The image is not very clear because it is not intended to show this emulator, but the terminal is

a Palm m130 released in 2002.

Since there is a limit to the length of film that can fit on one reel, long movies are projected while switching between multiple reels. The shelf that holds the reels for screening is called a platter. The Palm m130 was used to control the QTRU (Quick Turn Reel Unit) which receives the next reel to be played from the platter and passes the reels that have been played to the empty platter.

Tom Barber said, ``As a result of the shortage of the actual Palm m130 at the IMAX theater, it seems that we decided to use the Palm OS emulator instead of using a microcontroller, a PC, or a Raspberry Pi,'' he tweeted a photo of the actual Palm m130 that was actually used for control.

According to the news site The Verge, officials commented, ``I think QTRU will be updated if the 70mm IMAX is revived.Until then, it is best to keep riding until the wheels come off.'' As a result of digital screening becoming mainstream, it seems that there will be no opportunity to replace QTRU with a new mechanism unless there is a great deal.

You can see what the projectionist is doing when screening IMAX's 70 mm film by watching the following movie.

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