'Screwed-o-meter' that can check 'This net service is really okay?'

The world is full of various internet services and web applications, but there are many problems in using them, such as sudden revisions to the terms of service, APIs becoming unusable, and passwords being leaked. 'Screwed-o-meter' has been released to evaluate how problematic or undesirable a particular service is based on certain criteria.



After accessing the above URL, check the various boxes that apply to your situation regarding the service you are using. The list contains 27 items representing potential service issues or concerns, and it calculates how many boxes were checked at the end of the list.

As you check items such as 'I am not paying for the service' and 'No one is paying for the service, not just me', the screen gradually darkens and the smiley face My face becomes cloudy. Does it mean that not asking for a price for services is a sign of service decline?

'In fact, they don't get paid for their services.' 'No binding contract on availability.' I have a ruined past

After checking half of it, the smile disappears and a dissatisfied expression appears on the face.

When I checked everything, I was dissatisfied. Click 'Reset for another trip into darkness' to reset everything and check the new service's dissatisfaction.

The Japanese translation of all items is as follows.

-I didn't pay for the service
・No one pays for the service, not just me
In fact, they don't get paid for their services
・No binding contract on availability
・There is a history of stopping the service
・No binding contract on useful life
They have a history of ruining projects
・There is no binding contract specifying compatibility
・There is a history of making incompatible changes
There are no binding contracts for them
They have changed their priorities and no one is working on this service anymore
・Bug not fixed
・No bugs found
- No way to report bugs
・Technical support is handled by other customers with the same authority as me (that is, the same as not)
All my live data is on their servers
・You can't always get a snapshot of your data
・You need to explicitly request to get a snapshot of your data
Data changes frequently, so old snapshots may be missing something
・Your account contains a unique identifier (email address, phone number, URL, etc.) that can be verified by others
・If you change providers, you must change the entire identifier.
If your identifier changes, you must tell all your friends to update their records
・There is no provision to leave the forwarding address in the previous account.
If you are locked out of your account, you may not be able to regain access to your data
・If you do not follow the rules, you may be locked out while using another service.
- You cannot access the snapshot feature while you are locked out.
You have invested heavily in hardware or software that only works with this provider and cannot interoperate with competitors

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