How is the action scene devised to make it look like a punch that is really hitting?

There are battle scenes in action movies, and scenes in romantic dramas where people slap their cheeks in anger. Online media Vox explains in a movie how such a fake attack becomes a realistic image.

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Vox asked Mr. Wade Eastwood, who served as the stunt coordinator and director of the second group of action scenes in ' Mission: Impossible / Fallout ', to actually make the action without physical contact a realistic action. I'm asking

According to Mr. Eastwood, before shooting the action scenes, there will be a lot of preparation and pre-imaging by the stunt team.

Preliminary stunt footage, called 'actionvis,' is filmed in a safe set, often made up of boxes, where the stuntman is the main character and knows all the action and camera angles.

In the actual shooting, the main shooting team will shoot the acting scenes of the actors, so the second team will shoot all the action parts.

Next, the movie explains how to make an actual action scene.

In the scene of attacking with 'punch', there is 'side A' who punches with the best performance.

At the same time, the action scene is established by demonstrating 100% of the power of 'Side B', which reacts unfairly to the punch.

These 'pile up actions' are one of the simple and effective techniques. By shooting at the position where the fist that punched and the face receiving the punch overlap, and by taking a reaction at the timing when the fist and face overlap, 'Side B' will make the image as if it was actually hit.

In addition, the movement of 'side B' receiving punches rather than 'side A' giving out punches has an important influence on 'punch power'. If 'Side B' hardly reacts, it looks like a 'weak punch', and if 'Side B' reacts to the same punch, it will be blown away and knocked down, and the power will be transmitted as a 'strong punch'.

In this way, the skill to 'fall down safely' is also important for the production of action scenes.

According to Eastwood, the forearms absorb the shock before the shoulders, the shoulders before the back, the back before the body, and so on. Therefore, depending on how the stunt falls, the forearm, shoulder, back, and body will soften the impact by 5% and land on the ground.

Actions such as being slammed on a hard floor or falling from a high place have a tension that makes you feel nervous when you see it in a completed movie.

However, since it is a set that makes it easier to land on the ground during shooting, it is possible to fall down safely with the success of the stunt. However, it seems that even this sometimes fails and gets injured or breaks a rib.

In some cases, the set is devised so as not to be noticed by the audience in order to mitigate the injuries of such stunts. In the scene shown in the image below, you can see that the stairs, which should be hard, are soft and distorted when falling down the stairs. In this way, by shooting using a soft material that resembles the floor or concrete, you can shoot safely even if you fall violently.

And when we get into

post-production , the editing stage after shooting, even more tricks are used to make it look like the punches really hit.

Even if it doesn't look like a punch has been applied in the raw footage, just by cutting out the frame at the timing when the fist and face should come into contact and pasting the front and back, the brain automatically fills in the cut out part. Therefore, the illusion of a scene where 'a punch hits and the face moves' is created.

Also, in some cases, the method of extending the limbs that launch the attack is adopted. In the scene in the image below, the dotted line shows the real foot of the kick that the actor kicked out, but the foot has been extended by editing to the red line. At the same time, the stuntman's position was also edited to bring it closer to his feet, so that it would react to a stronger kick.

In addition, simply 'sound effects' also have a large impact on the impression of the action. Since the frame where the attack actually hits is cut, it may be difficult for the brain to determine if the attack misses, hits, or is silent. The result and power of the attack are also transmitted naturally.

Finally, the movie says that 'emotions are a bet' is necessary for a good action scene.

There are stories that impress with many action scenes like the '

Avengers ' series, and there are also compositions that change the flow of history with a single punch like ' Back to the Future '. “Some of the most exciting battles have no reason or logic to why you are fighting them or what they mean,” Eastwood said. , Travels and adventures, and a little bit of emotion make the action scenes exciting.'

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