If ``Twitter'' is included in the conversation, it will be corrected to ``X''. When I repeatedly called Twitter to the machine, it corrected me

On July 24, 2023, Twitter announced that it would change its name to 'X'. At the same time, tweets will be changed to 'posts' and retweets will be changed to 'reposts'. However, it is difficult to suddenly change the name that has been familiar for more than 15 years, and there are still many people who call it 'Twitter' without getting used to the name 'X'. Therefore, Mr.

Yumoya has released `` a machine that corrects if Twitter is included in the conversation ' '.

A machine that corrects 'Twitter' in conversations

Daily manufacturing | Twitter correction WEB machine-A machine that corrects to X if 'Twitter' is included in the conversation

It looks like this when you access `` a machine that corrects if Twitter is included '' in the conversation. Click 'Start' displayed in the center of the screen.

A pop-up will appear asking for permission to access the microphone from the browser, so click 'Allow'.

All you have to do is speak into the microphone. This time, I read out an original folk tale that ChatGPT made by instructing 'Please make a folk tale using 'Twitter', 'Tweet' and 'Retweet''. You can see how it is corrected by watching the following movie.

I got the old story that ``Twitter'' is included in the ``machine that will fix it if it contains ``Twitter'' in the conversation''-YouTube

Twitter is 'X', Tweet is 'X's', Retweet is 'Repost'
Corrected to In fact, calling the tweet X's is just an idea, and it has been renamed to Post (post) at the time of article creation.

The content of the read-out sentence is automatically transcribed below the button.

According to Mr. Yumoya, who developed it, ``a machine that corrects if it contains ``Twitter'' uses the Speech Recognition API and is compatible with Webkit. At the time of article creation, only Firefox is not supported.

In addition, Yumoya has invented a machine that corrects 'Twitter' when it is included in a conversation, and a device that corrects it to X when the word 'Twitter' is uttered. , is published in the movie.

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