Report that robot taxis are becoming love hotels, ``clean the inside of the car'' and self-driving companies

The San Francisco Standard, a news media in San Francisco, California, published an article summarizing the story of a user who had sexual intercourse while using an autonomous robot taxi.

People Are Having Sex in Robotaxis.

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Megan, a woman in her 20s, answered an interview with The San Francisco Standard about robot taxis. For privacy, the date and time of using the taxi and the real name are hidden, but The San Francisco Standard confirmed that Megan used the robot taxi with a receipt.

Megan said of her experience of acting in a taxi, ``We were flirting as soon as we got in. I was wearing only a robe and no underwear, so I felt like I was ready. It was.'

Megan's partner is Alex (pseudonym), a man in his 30s. According to Alex, the two had sex in a taxi a total of six times, including three 'productions'. Alex laughs and says, 'There's no one to tell you, 'Don't do that.' When you feel better and have a serious partner on board, you can escalate to other actions. I think it has a lot to do with it,' he told The San Francisco Standard.

The San Francisco Standard has obtained testimony from a total of four people that they had sex in the car, and it seems that the receipt confirms that they actually used it.

Waymo and Cruise, major self-driving cars that are deploying robot taxis in San Francisco, stipulate that their terms of service keep the car clean, but they do not directly prohibit sexual activity. That said, there are cameras in the cars, and although both companies say the cameras are 'for safety and maintenance,' any activity inside the cars could be recorded. Also, the windows are not smoked glass, so you can see everything from the outside.

At least Megan and Alex didn't seem to mind being seen, with Megan saying, 'There was some sort of taboo about us being in public and doing things we shouldn't be doing.' Facts made sex more fun and exciting,' he said. Alex said, ``I once saw someone in another car look inside and laugh as they realized what was going on inside the car. I talked to

In response to inquiries from The San Francisco Standard, a Waymo spokesperson declined to specifically mention what was allowed and prohibited on board, saying, 'The majority of our passengers are polite and You are using it in accordance with our passenger rules.'

A Cruise spokesperson also said, 'We strive to keep our services safe, clean, and open to everyone. We will take appropriate action against those who violate our guidelines. I will do it,' he said.

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The San Francisco Standard describes the actual usage of Megan and others as 'creative usage', but the opinion that sexual activity will take place in the robot taxi is not new. For example, in a paper entitled `` Autonomous vehicles and the future of urban tourism '' published in 2019, Scott Cohen of the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom said, ``Hourly hotels This will impact urban tourism as it is likely to be replaced by connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and sex plays a central role in many tourist experiences.'

In addition, autonomous driving often causes traffic congestion problems, and on August 12, 2023, more than a dozen self-driving Cruise vehicles were stranded on the road in the North Beach area due to connectivity issues. was reported .

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