``AI Human Generator'' review that image generation AI makes free human whole body photos from the browser

With the advent of image generation AI, it has become possible to easily generate images at home without the need for large-scale data centers or huge workstations, but AI models can only be run on PCs with relatively high specifications. you can't. 'AI Human Generator' is a service that can easily generate full-body images of humans from a browser, and can be used free of charge.

AI Human Generator – Generate and Modify People Online


To experience AI Human Generator, click 'Create Human'.

The screen looks like this, with the setting items on the left and the generated image on the right. In 'Face', it is possible to load a prepared face and reflect it in the image, so click 'Upload' and select the photo to be loaded.

This time I tried loading the following picture.

If you change the settings on the left and click 'Update Human', the regenerated image will be displayed on the right.

The loaded photo was applied to the face.

Even if you click 'Update Human', if the server is busy, the following popup may be displayed and it may not be generated. In that case, wait about 30 seconds and click 'Update Human' again.

There are other items that can be set, such as 'Age' and 'Gender'. For example, I set 'Age' to 'Middle-aged' and clicked 'Update Human'.

Then the composition changed completely and a picture like this was regenerated.

When I changed 'Gender' to 'Male', I became a muscular uncle. However, the lower body is still a long skirt.

To change your outfit, select the 'Clothing' tab at the top of the settings screen.

If you change 'Clothing Top' to 'T-Shirt' and 'Clothing Bottom' to 'Pants', it looks like this.

To change the background of the image, select 'Background' at the top of the setting screen. This time, I will change it to 'Beach'.

The background of the image has changed to the beach. By clicking 'Download' at the bottom of the right screen, you can save the image generated in JPG format of 512 × 1024 pixels.

In addition, the AI used in AI Human Generator is learning with a unique data set constructed by the operating company Generated Photos shooting images of tens of thousands of people in the studio. All the photos are taken in a controlled environment, so the quality of the data set is high.

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