What is the poster that the Thai railway company used to post to alert passengers and the general public?

In the Kingdom of Thailand, where railways have been operated by

the National Railways of Thailand since 1951, the 'Railway Safety Posters' posted from 1965 to 1968 are on display at the Railway Museum attached to Bangkok Station.

Railway Safety Posters – Thai Train Guide

◆ 01: Be careful when crossing tracks when visibility is poor

◆ 02: Do not climb on the roof of the train

◆ 03: Do not stand on the steps to get on and off the train
In Thailand, it is common for passenger cars to leave their doors open and people standing around them, but at the same time, accidents involving falls are a constant occurrence. In recent years, there have also been

accidents in which foreign tourists have fallen from steps and died .

04: Please stay away from the train when standing on the platform of the station.

◆ 05: Be careful of train traffic when crossing the railway bridge

◆ 06: Do not get on or off while the train is moving

07: Do not lie down on the tracks
In August 2021, an accident

occurred in Thailand in which a man lying on a railroad track died after being hit by a train.

08: Do not walk between trains

09: Be careful of trains when crossing the tracks

◆10: Be careful with

If your foot or finger is caught in the turnout, it is very dangerous as it may result in fracture or amputation. Also, in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, there was a case where a train was delayed due to a turtle getting caught in a turnout, so measures such as installing a ditch have been taken.

◆ 11: Please do not lean out of the window of the running train
In England, in 2018, an accident

occurred in which a woman with her face out of the window of a train running at about 120 km / h collided with a tree on the side of the track.

◆12: Don't throw stones at trains.

◆13: Do not destroy communication equipment

◆14: Please do not bring animals on the tracks.
About 35,000 animals were

reportedly killed by trains in India between 2016 and 2019.

◆15: Do not walk near the railroad tracks.

◆16: Do not graffiti on the train

◆17: Be sure to check the safety on the left and right before crossing.
Accidents have occurred all over the world due to neglecting to check the safety of the left and right and not noticing the traffic of the train, and in Japan in July 2023, a man died at a railroad crossing without a gate in Ogi City, Saga Prefecture.

An accident is happening.

These posters were posted at various railway stations in the country by Thai National Railways from 1965 to 1968 as a reminder to passengers and the general public. At the time of writing, these posters are on display at the Railway Museum at Bangkok Station.

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